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The New Cosmopolitan Commercial

By Chuckmonster on Saturday, 10th May 2014 12:24pm
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While we were getting loaded in Las Vegas last weekend, The Cosmopopotopolous launched a new television campaign, set to "Twilite Speedball" by Mos Def.

Cosmopopodopolous of Las Vegaloopadoos states that that the spot was directed by Mike Figgis, the man responsible for feature films Timecode and Leaving Las Vegas.

A perfect expression of senseless drama. But will it get folks to feed the poker slots?

Thanks to JoanHallston for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Doesn't do anything for me. Whenever I see a chandelier, I think of SLS.

Wow where can we play chess at cosmopolitan?

Donny, at RoseRabbitLie..

I dig the Cosmo's commercials. Equal parts weird, cool, titilating, and funky.

It's appealing to certain demographics that have money to blow: Asians, hipsters, and old geezers.

I hate these property's commercials that don't show the property! Hipsters love this dumb-shit marketing that says nothing and does nothing... it's soooo ARTISTIC!

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