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The Cromwell's Pre-Commercial Promo

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 15th May 2014 4:08pm
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Another day, another pink/purple hued marketing video with a dubstep sound track. This time, The Cromwell gets into the act, with all-star "behind the scenes" teaser for a forthcoming marketing campaign called "Nothing Comes Close."

Eyespy Floyd Mayweather, Ray Romano, Mila Kunis and a whole slew of other folks whom I've never heard of. I'm guessing they are celebrities and/or models. A little help here?

Interesting promo teaser for the upcoming ad campaign that looks like the Ciroc commercial.

Incidentally, "Nothing Comes Close" should've been SLS' marketing slogan. MONEY!

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Comments & Discussion:

This is much better than the Cosmo and SLS ads. At least they shot this in the casino.

Nothing comes close to what? This doesn't make me want to stay there

kind of looks like a PSA about the perils of getting trick rolled

I appreciate that it's shot on-property. But this alone doesn't compel me to go to said property.

Those look like some narrow guest room hallways.

Glamorous & sexy, the way I like to think Vegas should be without the fanny-packers and porn-slappers.

I don't even know what a Vegas without porn slappers is supposed to look like.

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