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Rooftop News Dept: Is The Vortex Hosed?

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th May 2014 11:57am
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Remember The Vortex? Y'know that 'cantilevered' light thingy slash nightclub slash dance floor on the roof of The Quad?

Judging from this recent photo uncovered by VT VP of Research mac78130, the idea may have been abandoned. Air conditioning ducts are now permanently installed where a backlit dance floor was supposed to be, evaporation risers poke up throughout as well, no bar, no tables, no signage, no flooring, no indication at all that a rooftop lounge project is remotely in progress.

Opportunity knocked for The Vortex to be open and available before the dog days of summer set in, sending tourists running for cover like ants fleeing a magnifying glass. Perhaps they're waiting for the tenant?

Wither thee, Vortex of Linq? Is there only room for one roof top party thingy in the Linq adjacent Strip? Did Victor (Drai) kill the Vortex?

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Comments & Discussion:

Perhaps the legal department did an analysis and determined the potential risk of the drunk oontz oontzers, with their Ed Hardy wear, falling off the building was not profitable enough. The good thing about this is at least those North facing Flamingo rooms will retain some peace and quiet (or less noise).

The whole Quad facade has a goofy, half-done look to it during the day. It's a little better at night, but it makes you kind of wonder what kind of turd(s) they've covered up. Maybe the new, old or old, new owners will finish it.

I'm confused by both curvy horizontal elements. It's almost like the roofline was installed upside-down. Anyway, there's still plenty of flat rooftop available for something outdoorsy, if there's interest later in the Linq's life.

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