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Rooftop News Dept: It's A Picture Frame!

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 20th May 2014 1:36pm
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Speaking of rooftop party areas, Singer Lance Bass posted these photos to his Instawhatever showing that Drai's atop The Cromwell is nearing completion. Check this shit out.

The pool is full and shimmering, trees are installed, paint is perfect. cabana curtains are in place, flooring complete and the first pieces of the DJ booth sound system have arrived. Oh and that thing? No it isn't a swing, it is speaker support device doing double duty as a photo frame, showing fist pumping DJ's, set in front of Caesars Entertainment's Strip frontage. Brilliant idea... every photo of every DJ/performer/host is an advertisement. Now, if only they'd do something about Bally's... but more on that later.

Speaking of photo op, Lance and his friend snapped this pic at the railing.

If Las Vegas is the center of your universe, Bellagio is the blazing sun around which rotates. Make no mistake, THIS, RIGHT HERE is the center of Las Vegas, the true epicenter of everything it means to everyone - magic, mystique, mojo. If you aren't adjacent to Lake Como in the Desert, you may as well be in Dubuque. Mandalay Bay? LVH? Tropicana? even ARIA? SLS?

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Comments & Discussion:

Holy shit that's dope as fuck.

And Wynn?

I stayed for the first time a few weekends back and while I liked the place it was deader than a doornail. I isn't relish trying to get anywhere else on the strip past the Venetian without a cab either.

And it doesn't appear to be leaking. Yet. Amaze-balls.

Wow. That is going to be an incredible space. All the hyperbole that is being spouted down at SLS needs to be moved up the street. This will be unlike any club on the strip, maybe the world... sorry for the hyperbole.

Me likey. Drai's Kodak Moment white picture frame is a good move. You'll note no MGM influences (except for the Aria pylon) within the Kodak Moment, even if I agree that Lake Bellagio is the center of the Vegas universe.

That will be awesome at night, no doubt about it. If Cromwell guests get preferred treatment, suddenly those high room rates don't seem so fanciful, now do they?

Best of all, a birds-eye view of The Grand Bazaar Shops at Bally's (Not).

I think its friggin fantastic

While Caesars tends to make a ton of mistakes, I think the belief at this point is that the Cromwell will ultimately eat SLS' lunch.

This club really dose look amazing. I just think I'm too old to go. I'll look like as ass walking around.

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