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Peep These Sexy Cromwell Room Photos

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 2:09pm
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Hi-res photos of The Cromwell's rooms showed up on Expedia yesterday in advance of their "grand opening" in two days. Check these out:

This is the luxury king:

Maroon on purple and pink with hammer tack upholstered everything. The mirror is a one way window from the shower. More of the faux hardwood flooring like the Flamingo Fab Rooms.

And the same room in dual queen configuration:

The same x 2.

The vanity:

Angelyne's Hollywood whorehouse dressing room... but YOU'RE the star!

And the shower:

Enjoy the good life.
To win without risk is to triumph without glory. (Pierre Cornielle)
Bless the ones who towel.
That's life. (Sinatra)

Rain shower head, peekaboo mirror, steam bench, soap on a rope, black fixtures, embedded tubes of light.

I wish Cosmopolitan's rooms looked like this. Great job.

Thanks VT VP of Research Mac78130 for the tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

Reminds me of that one time I ended up on a "ranch" in Parumph. That said, not bad. A little much for me, but cohesive.

Really creative stuff.

This place is where the cool kids would stay if they weren't priced out by the dooshbags. These rooms are for action, not relaxation. Get fcked
up>>get cleaned up>>repeat.

Kudos all around.

Love them. They look way better than the artisy rendering pics. Once the prices go down some, I will stay. Absolutely in love with evetything about this hotel since I saw the first renderings.

They are even more awesome in person. the floor is not the crappy cheap vinyl plank like the fab rooms, it is a high quality textured laminate. The one amenity that my wife enjoyed that we haven't seen before was the flat iron on the Vanity. I have a ton of photos that I need to send to Chuck. In the first pic to the left of the backgammon board, complete with cromwell logo'd chips is a really nice little leather sectional sofa. The tv was a 50 inch hd job and it was awesome as well.

Love the "hardwood" floors and bathrooms, surprised by the backgammon board and headboards, and sad to not see the exposed brick that was touted in early renderings.

my wife would love this.
personally, it's a little gaudy for my taste.

Their deluxe rooms are essentially the same as the luxury rooms without the view (ie. a north facing view of the new stairwell and the Flamingo). Currently, a $30 price difference for the view.

Looks like a swinger's pad. I like it!

Does Don Draper live here?

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