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Video: Behind Cosmopolitan's In Flight Marketing

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 2:21pm
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Do you remember the trading card gift boxes that The Cosmopolitan is/was giving out on United Flights? Well... here's a video all about that marketing program.

Fascinating way of putting the fun book into folks hands before they land, and the trading card aspect of it is gosh darn brilliant even if they biffed the spelling of Bellagio.

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Sorry, but how does one even remotely fuck up the spelling of Bellagio that badly. I was expecing "Belagio" or the like.

There's some extraneous punctuation in the Caesars name, too, for anyone keeping score. But I'm willing to overlook that and the mangled Bellagio spelling to applaud the offline, yet social, idea of casino trading cards.

My only gripe: Aren't we consumers bombarded enough with marketing ploys and sales pitches?

Graphic designers can't spell for shit. Ask anyone in advertising. They make things pretty though.

Or maybe they outsourced design to a cheap offshore provider in Asia, India, Ukraine, etc.

I can't believe no one proofread this though. That's an egregious error.

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