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Cromwell: Check Out This Incredible Drai's Video

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 22nd May 2014 4:06pm
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Holy crap.

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"THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CLUB" is arguable. That said, not bad digs.

It's a club. It's pretty, but it's still a club.

The pool complex looks like what hotels should have by default and the interior room looks like the set of a British game show. But it's a club, and by default that's automatically worse than anything else it can be used for.


Extra points for putting THAT on top of Barbary Coast. Sounds stupid to say, but they could have went too far, and they didn't.

Loved everything except for the stupid IMPACT MEME FONT distraction. But the video does what it's supposed to do which is make me want to go to there. And I don't even like clubs.

Wow! Amazing. No matter your feelings of clubs, this is fucking awesome. Husband and I will be there in a couple weeks! Can't wait.

I swore off the club scene a couple years ago, but wow. Drai is such a badass.

As MinVegas pointed out, on the down days they'll be doing a new daytime show version of (insert British game show of choice here) during off days. Anyone up to see Criss Angel host Millionaire?

I keep my wallet in my right-hip pocket. TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY.

Crap. I wish I was 25 again. And rich. And good-looking.

Anyone else think the airborne shots might have been from a drone? Those things are going to open up a whole new world of filming.

Looks like EBC might be in trouble....

I have to agree with most sentiments here in loving most of the ad and what they've done with the place. To me, if you were going to make a v2.0 style beach club or take the nightclub concept to the next level, this would be it (and I think I covered all the marketing cliches there).

Really nice job and I expect this is going to be a huge hit, was there a more perfect location, when we now look at the finished product?

I hate clubs, but that it damn impressive simply for the design of the place.

I saw a leaked picture of the "Secret Do not Allow" profile. Looked just like me. Glasses, humpback posture and pasty complexion. Never gonna get in, but it sure looks cool. Maybe I can get a job on the cleaning crew....

I agree, it looks awesome, and the location blows EBC away.

That looks awesome for sure. When we stayed at Cromwell they were promoting 24 houtrs of clubbing, Daytime at the pool, nighttime at the club and afterhours in the basement.

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