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Norm: Drai Tells Wynn To Funk Off

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd May 2014 2:07pm
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The Cromwell is now officially open and VT superfriend Norm! brought the world a basket of gifts from opening night. First, juicy tidbits about the rivalry between Victor Drai and Steve Wynn which include exchanging 86's at each others properties and both sides telling the story of a phone call that ended in expletives and Victor hanging up on The Steve.

The second gift - also from the mouth of Drai - is word that Wynn's profit margins in the nightlife business has dropped a staggering 52% since Drai was forced out and bought of the nightlife operations partnership he had with Wynn. Blame the DJ, blame the DJ, blame the DJ's... and the guy signing the checks.

Victor Drai just might be my new hero. Vive le France!

The third is a phenomenally captionable PR photo of Drai with his new partner, uber square Caesars CEO Gary Loveman. Loveman seems to have exchanged his post-makeover look for something more transitional... and pink.

Caption: "Victor, where do go tanning? Because the place I went to yesterday..."

Big thanks to VT staffer JohnH for the tweet tip and at least three of the jokes in this post.

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Comments & Discussion:

Are you sure that's not Robin Leach with Victor Drai?

I hope Victor doesn't get too chummy with Loveman. Given the underlying state of affairs with CZR his just may be the first head to roll.

If that's true, I wonder how much of it is Drai being gone and how much of it is Marquee and Hakkasan just being the IT places these days? Even the lesser club properties were upgraded or redone (1Oak @ Mirage and Gallery @ PH). It's a competitive market heading towards saturated. Drai is a God, and his new place will be a hit, but I just can't understand how his outing at Wynncore matters to John Q. Douche.

He says Wynn is overpaying people, like the people who, do the front line grunt work of these clubs, and thus is losing profit for rich people who already have a lot of money like investors, Wynn, and Drai himself.

So is he saying he's skimpy on salaries? Nice message in this town.

Dear Gary,


You live in the desert.

Maybe I missed something, but I thought Drai's comments about Wynn overpaying people was about the insane money Wynn was paying the DJs, not the salaries of the front line grunt workers.

Drake is correct... Drai was referring to the amount being paid to the DJ's, not to the staff.

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