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Thanks For The $10 Resort Credit, Luxor

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 23rd May 2014 6:13pm
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Luxor sent me this email today. Does anybody even use email anymore?

Anyways, they're giving out $10 in daily resort credits... how generous. They also asked "how will you use your resort credit?" Off the top of my head, I'll probably go for a coffee and a pastry at the Starbucks for me and the missus.

Or I'll pay half of the resort fee.

Why am I paying $20/day for "free" stuff again?

Which is more enticing - $37 room, $22 fee, $10 credit - OR - $49 room, no fee, no credit.

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Comments & Discussion:

MGM has done a lot of things right this decade. Implementing resort fees in Las Vegas was NOT one of those things.

(Side note, does Luxor still lack WiFi? "Free wired high-speed internet service" isn't exactly the selling point it once was)

I would go with $49.00 and no resort fee.

The bigger concern should be the Viagra-fueled quasi assault that is going to take place in the picture...

I thought the same thing when I got this email, bleh, such a waste, when is it a smart business model to count on your customers not using said resort credit (which is potentially the only way this really makes sense). Oh I know the answer to this one, when you have a system that your employees aren't able to use correctly or have the visibility to see said resort credit and it winds up being more headache then it's worth.

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