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Rooftop News Dept: Peep The LiFE Pool Club at SLS

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 27th May 2014 10:56am
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By now, you've seen Cosmopolitan's gorgeous Boulevard Pool, and you've seen Picnic at Downtown Grand, you've seen the new Drai's Beachclub at Cromwell and now the next competitor in the rooftop pool sweepstakes.... LiFE Dayclub at SLS Las Vegas.

Uhm. Where is it.

That's it! That's it?

Can I raise a practical question at this point.... why did they bother?

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Comments & Discussion:

after running many bars with stairs (both up and down) no matter what, people think if they have to go up or down from where they expect something they will go and think it's the best....

Plus they can advertise a roof top pool

Are those cabana cut outs? Because that's all I can make out in this picture.

It makes the PH pool landscaping look lush, I have to agree, that really can't be it, can it? I know they have some time before opening, but the big issue looks like there isn't much to work with.

My favorite part about LiFE Dayclub at SLS Las Vegas is their Twitter handle - @lifeatsls. Phoenetically, that's "life assholes".

What RockChick said.
And if it is to be a club, could there be noise issues ala Wynncore for the glass tower adjacent? Though they do say "day" club....

Hmmm, I'm not buying it. Are you sure this isn't something else, like a pool area for the spa?

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