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Giada's Recipe For Success

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th May 2014 6:35pm
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Peep the interior of Giada's restaurant at The Cromwell.

Ok that isn't the interior of Giada's... that is a Crate & Barrel. Here's Giada's:

Oh wait, that isn't Giada's either, that really is a Crate & Barrel, I photoshopped the price tags out... the first photo is REALLY Giada's. No, really it is.

Really! But you can buy stuff that is on display there just like at Cracker & Barrel... y'know 'exit through the gift shop.'

Ok not really. I think you get the point.

Apparently, you can add buhzooms to the crackers, crates and barrels.

Insiders are telling VT us that Giada made it very clear to Caesars PR/Marketing department that the campaign to get the word out about her restaurant should accent her TV star good looks via photos, marketing messages, social media and even the choice of a form fitting, cross buttoned, low cut chefs jacket.

Here's Giada posing as a chef in a low cut collarless chef jacket - something no chef working with food would wear unless they want to come home with tasting dribbles and food bits stuck to their chest every night.

This photo is obviously a fraud and part of Giada's calculated - almost comical - marketing campaign to transition from foxy tv meal maker into bonafide restauranteur slash foxy chef. Giada is standing with arched back, at an angle, with one arm (tied) behind her back (because being a chef is so easy) and the other hand resting on a knife between a pile of cut and uncut tomatoes. Bowls of lemons and herbs are sitting on top of an oven, shiny silver serving trays topped with even shinier copper sauce pans (!!!) strategically placed parma ham, tomatoes, garlic and dried, presumably hand made pasta, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and a tray of silverware at the ready so you can put some Giada in your mouth.


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Comments & Discussion:


I wish her well, but to be blunt you can only get so far on your looks.
There are dozens of places to eat in Vegas that will most likely put her food to shame for a much lower price. In and Out being one of them.

PS No hair nets or hats is a no-no. If you can't get it right in a PR picture you probably can't in real life.

Yeah, but look at that rack.

With few other dining choices, Cromwell needs her restaurant to be successful.

@ Slosh I come home every night to 34DD's. I'd rather this one have a face like Gordon Ramsay with at least half his skill.

Looks more like Anthropologie than it does a restaurant. Or pier 1 imports.

Those are some tomatoes!

Cleavage - the other white meat.

After walking past her at Caesars and seeing her berate the bell staff that was pushing the cart (beyond full) of suitcases and such, I have to say much of the whispering makes a lot more sense.

And while I realize that many tv personalities are short, my goodness, it was like an oompah loompah that walked by.

is rack of lamb on the menu?

Giada is in fact a trained chef...and there are more than enough people who know who she is, much like Tom Colicchio, who has a following from ''Top Chef'' that they will give the place a try...but after that, you have to deliver on a consistent basis..the people that Colicchio trains do it on a daily basis...will Giadia's? That's the ultimate question here...

I agree with the comments about the picture...staged and cheesy (pun intended). However, it's good to see a female chef in Vegas and I hope she delivers big. It's amazing that stereotypically women do the cooking but in the chef world it's all men. Good luck to her and her short but great body.

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