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SLS Turns On Its Marquee

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 29th May 2014 10:45pm
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SLS Las Vegas has turned on its marquee. The view from the south is a giant LED board containing a Cromwell advertisement some purple stuff.

The north side - shown in renderings with kooky shapes - blinds drivers traveling south on The Strip.

Holy carp is that bright. Also... you know know what the view from the new SLS towers will look like.

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Comments & Discussion:

Well I guess the sign is that bright to say "Hey Were over here"

Reason #3873 why SLS Las Vegas will be huge. The marquee will draw customers like a moth to light :-)

May the force be with you

They'll need all the "wow" factor they can get to get tourists to walk down there. Of course if they have enuff of a cash cushion to hang on til Genting's "Chinese Wall/Panda World" hotel/casino complex opens they just might be able to avoid bankruptcy.

Go into the light must be their motto. That is damn bright

Although in fairness, perhaps it's just the initial brightness of the light, if I remember correctly the Planet Hollywood Condo towers were blazing red letters, that seemed to fade a bit.

all by myself, I wanna be..

I didn't know SLS added the Stargate as one of their attractions.

Hey, they're remaking Stargate so that makes sense!

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