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Truth In Advertising Dept.: The Voodoo Zipline

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th June 2014 12:38pm
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The VooDoo Zipline at Rio opened recently, sending riders flying over the excitement of The Strip. The Zipline isn't a real zipline, but instead a two way reverse chair lift that connects the Rio's two towers.

Voodoo Zipline

The VooDoo Zipline contains actual voodoo that makes riders truly believe that the zipline between Rio's two towers fly over the top of Ballys and the Flamingo.

Voodoo Zipline


Here's a neat video of one of the workers cutting zip ties freeing the cables to run free. The video is about twice as long as the actual ride is, but you certainly get the vertigo.

There is no way in hell you'd get me on this or the Slotzilla zip line on Fremont Street.

Big thanks to long-time VT reader Steve K for the tweet tip!

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Comments & Discussion:

That seems really close to room windows. Top floor rooms. Screaming hags and bros would be just what I want to hear outside my room.

I am passing on this but it could be cool as hell.

Supervisor: "Ok Hillbilly, we need you to take this here pair of side cuts, shimmy out on that line, and snip off all the cable ties."

Hillbilly: "Um. No."

They should turn Fontainebleau into a giant zipline world. Imagine the connection points.

Maybe Slotzilla, but not that freakin' HIGH!! Same for Stratosphere. Nice view of the Rio pools - though.

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