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Attention All Vegas Night Club DJ's!

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 9th June 2014 3:32pm
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Attention all Vegas DJ's, are you sick and tired of DJ Mau5Hat getting all of the headlines.... not to mention the super models, the money and the groupies?

Just in time for your breakout set at Encore Daisy Carnival -WE HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION FOR YOU!

Simply, call the guy in the ad, arrange a pickup time, locate a dollar, get on the 15 south, get off at Pearblossom Highway in Apple Valley and arrange to meet at the Denny's in Lancaster.

You can use the time in the car to decide on a new name! Here's a few ideas to get you started - Videohead, Yah Monitor, L.E.D. Zepp, DJ Trinatron. Good luck with your new found success!

(Heart hand symbol) Peace!


Comments & Discussion:

This is why VegasTripping will never be accepted by the mainstream media.

DJ Zenith.

Cathode Ray Ray

Oh to see this make an appearance at VIMFP :)

I've been saying for years that Deadmau needs to franchise out that head

I like DJ Trinatron, personally.

DJ Bööb Tübë


Remember when TVs had dials?

DJ Oriental Immigrant - cause I lay down sick tracks

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