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Cromwell Drops Pants And Rates

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 11th June 2014 1:25pm
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Cromwell Hotel Rooms

The Cromwell, home of the newest (and sexiest?) hotel rooms on The Strip have dropped their rack rates.

Before opening, Cromwell was asking $249 and up for mid-week rooms. Now? $179 with weekends ranging from $229 to $399 on the two week bubble.

It is worth mentioning a poll we took in February, asking y'all Would You Book The Cromwell? "No" was the winner of the poll, with the comments overwhelmingly stating that the rates weren't in line with the market. So..... how about now?

In related hotel room rate news, we've posted a ridiculous Riviera $17/night (midweek) Groupon on the deals page.

Big thanks to VT superfriend Mr. Giggles for the tip.

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Comments & Discussion:

Since the property isn't a full-service resort, the rates are still expensive. But better.

Deals link no workey.

rbg... i fixed it! thank you


There are some gotchas about staying there: no spa, very limited dining, club noise, etc... I think we will see a $149 rate before the end of the year. The rooms are new and it is still probably worth a stay as long as you know the downside risks. I expect the rates will probably end up around the same as Nobu, which has to be a major disappointment to Caesars.

I just shopped a 2-night stay starting Monday Dec 15, the deadest week of the year and I got $249/night. (For SLS I got a choice of $139, or a package deal with breakfast included, for... $139). Cromwell only has 180-something rooms, and I'm assuming Caesars will always have at least 180 people they can comp in there, which makes the $249 a meaningless number. They can always fill it up.

I also looked at some Tripadvisor reviews, and saw two noise complaints from people who couldn't sleep: one for club noise, one for street noise. So there may be no safe place to sleep there. (except in Giada)

SLS has 1,600 rooms, not 180, and will also be charging luxury rates. And their neighbor has a $17 special. Let's wait and see what happens there.

The rates are still too high and if the hotel is going to be a success then the rates will have to go down. Now if the noise level is that high then the rates may go down because no one who likes to sleep will stay there.

@MattK, Sleeping in Giada, hmm....
Nice point re SLS. (But I thought they were right next to Wynncore??)

Recently heard on "another podcast" that the place is crawling w/ douchebags, but of the more cornfed widebody than Cosmo/Marquee hardbody variety....

Hm. I know they're not next to Wynncore. Sarcasm. Tried to link to VT article here but HTML link didn't stick:


You can stay at Wynnacore for less. Better hotel with better views, larger rooms, and same pounding club beat. Plus, according to recent ads, apparently the SLS is right next door so there is that perk.

I've read that Cromwell guests don't automatically gain entrance to the rooftop pool on the weekends. So you pay those big bucks for the room, but you're still just another schlump waiting in line behind the velvet rope to go to the pool? That's not appealing to me.

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