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King Diamond at HOB November 1, 2014

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 2nd July 2014 4:56pm
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Speaking of grim caverns of suffering, the legendary Danish metal trailblazer King Diamond will make his triumphant return to Las Vegas on November 1st 2014, just in time to clean up the bodies left over from Halloween.

King Diamond came to fame as the singer of progressive dark metal band Mercyful Fate in the early 1980's.

With precise riffing, back-on-the-beat funkiness, horror movie lyrical content and King's piercing falsettos, Mercyful Fate's breakthrough album "Don't Break The Oath" is revered as one of the album that created the massive, global subgenre called death metal... and the soundtrack to thousands of metal nightmares and millions upon millions of goose pimples.

King eventually split from Fate and started his own eponymous band, putting out a quartet of brilliant albums peaking with 1987's Abigail and its 1988 follow up Them.

In recent years, King's career has been on the rise... winning a Grammy award and reuniting with Mercyful Fate for a performance at Metallica's 30th anniversary concerts before being sidelined for a few years due to health issues (TRIPLE BYPASS!).

King is Back. And he's bringing the full crazy stage show. And it's gonna be awesome.

Here's a complete set recorded in Moscow in 2013:

King Diamond
November 1, 2014 8pm
House of Blues, Mandalay Bay

Big thanks to Pope Misnomer XIV for the tip!


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