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VegasEats: Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The Quad

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 3rd July 2014 3:19pm
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Guy Fieri Vegas Menu

Guy Fieri is the Ed Hardy of TV food personalities.

Much like the immensely popular - yet supremely hated - fashion brand, Fieri has gained a dedicated following of fans (and detractors) via his virtual ownership of airtime on basic extended cable's Food Network.

After gaining a degree in Hotel Management from UNLV, Fieri worked his way up through the ranks of well known food chains as chef, manager, corporate wonk and eventually owner and operator of a handful of his own joints in California. Guy launched into the stratosphere of fame and fortune after winning Food Network's in-house talent competition show "The Next Food Network Star" eventually becoming, along with fellow Caesars restauranteur Giada DeLaurentiis, one of the most familiar, friendly faces in food tv.

Guy Fieri's image is of a hot rod loving, super cool, hip, spiky, punky, quasi-douchebag armed with a quickdraw bag of cliched quips. Need some Fieri-isms? Make a withdrawl at Flavortown Savings and Loan.

Shortly after opening "Guy's American Kitchen & Bar" in New York City, New York Times dining critic Pete Wells wrote one of the most vitriolic (and awesome) reviews ever published by the Times, a review which went viral like no other dining review ever has. Wells questioned not only the menu, the food and the service... but called Fieri to the mat as a fraud, bastardizing the food he claims to love on his myriad TV shows. But can we really blame Ronald McDonald for the taste of his fries?

In Guy's post-New York Times review world, with the Vegas spotlight shining bright on Flavortown and Caesars execs breathing down his neck, how bad could it be? At the Quad, Guy's pie is covered with eyes and filled with fingers... the margin for error, one would assume, is nil.

I was joined on this lovely Quad afternoon by VT resident foodie JohnH and the king and queen of Vegas podcasting, Five Hundy By Midnight's Tim & Michele. After a short wait, we arrived at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen to find a mostly packed restaurant and were seated outside, overlooking Harrah's Carnival Court.

Guy Fieri Vegas Placesettin

Aaaaaargh. Tattooed napkin skullz and swashbuckling utensils. Ready to pillage Flavortown, I? Aye!?

Who wants a beer?

Guy Fieri Vegas Beer

Our second Flavortown sighting. John & Tim ordered Lagunitas IPAs, all the while muttering their discontent about the beer offerings. Other than the Magic Hat 9, the selection at Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar is most certainly not off the chain.

Speaking of Flavortown, who wants some Guy Fieri merch?

Guy Fieri Vegas Merch

Dude. A four pack of Guy Fieri bandanas? A tattooed cutting board? A custom cookware set? Can I bring this on the plane out of Flavortown?

Who wants some yum from the Flavortown 'tender, and I don't mean chicken fingers? This guy definitely wants to taste Guy's tipples:

Guy Fieri Vegas Cocktails

Michele ordered the Austin Sweet Tea ($12) - deep eddy sweet tea vodka, sweetener, white peach syrup, fresh lemon juice - she had two of 'em. I wonder what "sweetener" means... Splenda?

My decision was easy. I love Van Halen and HATE Sammy Hagar. "I'll have a Flaming Hagar" - 'Sammy's beachbar rum, fresh mint, fresh lime juice, rock candy syrup, topped with Kasteel Rouge lambic' ($12). Sadly, the drink did not arrive en fieri.

Here's the Hagar.

Guy Fieri Vegas Crazyhagar

Sweet rum-a-rita with a dash of soury beer, mint garnish sans speed limit. Sharp on the nose and sweet on the tongue.

We're all friends here, let's get something shareable.

Guy Fieri Vegas Appmenu

Fueled by the fact that the douchey item descriptions rendered the menu unreadable, John made the executive decision and ordered the Guy-Talian Fondue Dippers ($14) for the group to share.

This is what arrived.

Guy Fieri Vegas Guytalian

Straight from the test kitchen at Bonghit University came this culinary question mark, masked as a trashy chic nightmare. Breadsticks, wrapped in thinly sliced cold pepperoni, shaved parmesian with a "smokey" (HEHAHAHAHAH) provolone dip with tomato, basil, olive oil and sausage spooned on top.

Guy Fieri Vegas Pepperoni

They may look like crab legs, but they tasted like a solo stoned sophmore's saddest saturday night snack.

Michele ordered the Motley Que Sandwich ($19) - straight from guy's bbq krew. pulled pork shoulder smothered in guy's bourbon brown sugar bbq sauce, citrus slaw, pickle chips, aged cheddar + onion straws... stacked on an "awesome pretzel" bun.

Guy Fieri Vegas Motley Que

As a kid, Guy operated a food cart selling "awesome pretzels" this is a running gag in his menus. Speaking of jokes, hahahah MOTLEY QUE! hahahahhahahahhahahah BBQ KREW! HAHAHAHAHA AHAHAH AH AH uhhhh. Yeah.

I watched Michele's face as she ate her first bite. Her eyebrows raised, face rumpled, squinted and brows furrowed in a thrice repeating loop of perplexitude. She remarked that her sandwich was difficult to manage, and remarkably unremarkable. She also made mention of the trash can fries - an amalgam of all cuts and types tossed in together, she would've preferred to have a choice instead of an array.

I will post a link in the comments to the forthcoming FHBM show wherein Tim & Michele discuss Guy's Vegas Kitchen & Bar.

John ordered the Big Dipper Sandwich ($20) - the mack daddy of all roast beef sandwiches. house-smoked shaved prime rib, pepper jack cheese, creamy horseradish on a toasted garlic torpedo roll. how can you resist?.

Guy Fieri Vegas Big Dipper

As a regular customer of Cole's and Philippe's - the restaurants who claim to have invented the French dip (Cole's is better) - seeing that thick cut beef frightened me. The point of the dip/au jus was (originally) to make the sandwich edible for a patron who didn't have any teeth. The French dip should be tender beyond compare.

Guy Fieri Vegas Big Dipper

Check out the big pink smoke ring on the beef. Also that it appeared to have been cut with the grain of the beef instead of across. John said "this looks like a fork & knife deal." Other than a ho-hum "it's okay?" that was about it for his comments about Guy Fieri's Big Dipper.

I tried desperately to get Tim to order the "Mayor of Flavortown Burger" - honestly, what could be more fun than watching Tim eat something described as a meat blanket? But instead he opted for the "Mac-N-Cheese Bacon Burger" ($20) claiming he was going to take one for the team. The MNCB Burger is - the burger that crushed its competition in the new york city's 2013 burger bash! built with crispy applewood bacon, six-cheese mac, ltop + more super-melty cheese between a garlicy toasted brioche bun.

Guy Fieri Vegas Burger

Tim demolished it, leaving only scraps of bun on his wooden plank plate... he looked angry while eating it and angry after eating it... long before "Crazy On You" started blasting from the Carnival Court stage.

I ordered the Fireball Whisky Wings ($15) - these wings are certainly not for the faint of heart and should probably be illegal. classic buffalo sauce + fireball whisky meet to ignite a flavor explosion of epic proportions.

Guy Fieri Vegas Fireball

The wings - more specifically drumettes, there are no two-bone wing flats - were served skinless and Frenched away from the bone (aka 'lollipopped') and covered with finely julienned scallions. Fixins included sliced celery sprig, cross cut carrots, a halved pepper and a dipping bowl of bleu cheese dressing topped with wasabi crumbles.

Guy Fieri Vegas Fireball U

The wings alone were sweet and only slightly spicy. The sizzle of Fireball Whisky has been cooked off, leaving the sugary faux-cinnamon flavor behind. On the spicy scale, these wings rate about a 4, but that will rocket to a 7 depending how much wasabi you grab from the dip.

Personally, I prefer slopping the meat off the bones and crispy chicken skin is the greatest thing in the world... why remove it? And... dude. Why no flats? Other than the chicken butt, its the most tender piece of meat on a chicken!

Generally, I liked the wings. As a guy who loves to put wasabi on everything, the wasabi flaked bleu cheese was wonderful... but that alone didn't make me fall in love with or see the value added by Guy's reinterpretation.

Our server Lydia was remarkably good, swashbuckling Flavortown jokes with witty retorts of her own, all the while not blinking an eye at the horrid denim on denim on denim on denim outfits she was forced to wear. Yowza.

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar is just that... Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar. If you have any interest in the fantastic douchetasm that is Guy Fieri, you'll probably want to go here. It isn't an exciting culinary trend, an exotic cuisine or something simply yummy. You will come to Flavortown to get a taste of Flavortown, a place that only exists in the mind of Guy Fieri and his fans.

It is entirely appropriate to re-mint the worst of all cliches re: Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar - been there, done that - but I didn't buy the T-shirt. Or 4 pack of bandanas for $35 bucks.

Guy Fieri Vegas Bill

The bill for lunch for four with three cocktails and two beers came to $164.31 without tip, before applying Total Rewards discount.

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Comments & Discussion:

To me, the beer list a deeper than I would have expected and the prices not too outrageous. They've got a little something for every one, from macro brews to crafty brews to craft brew (It's a better beer list than what you'll find at a Chili's, TGI Fridays or Applebee's.).

I have little to no interest of ever eating there and this piece further solidified it. I'll walk the extra few minutes to Yard House over at The Linq (Good food and a killer beer list.).

The photos of your food do not make me want to visit. I'm sure it's fine, but the descriptions sound better than the actual dish. I have to say that until very recently I have never heard of Guy Fieri. The first time was when a friend of mine went to the Yelp opening event. He isn't ever mentioned here in Europe. Many of the other good chefs/ restaurants in Vegas are, perhaps he will be when he gets better.

I wonder what "sweetener" means... Splenda?

probably agave nectar

You're reviewing a guy(bomb) who's reviews diners for a living! Its like a dinner assortment of food put into an entree. Nothing to raise eyebrows, but I'm sure its an experience.

Philippe's > Cole's. Cole's fries are cold and bland. The service is rude and slow. Finally the hipster factor is far, far too high for my tastes.

The price doesn't look to bad, looks like a different take on dinner food. With that being said I would check it out if in the Quad area but wouldn't go out of my way to taste it.

I dunno, those sammiches seem kinda expensive to me. And at $82 per couple before tip -- seriously, close to $100 total for a sammich meal? -- I think I can find something better elsewhere even in price-jacked Las Vegas.

Hey Dude,
This review reminded me of the USA in the world cup. Guy's place had no chance, but the US is still lining up out the door for it. Does that make sense? You seem to be accustomed to a higher class of meal than would ever be offered at the Quad (Linq?) so it was puzzling why you would review a dining location there. From what I have heard there are lines out the door. I don't plan to ever eat there, but it seems like somebody likes it. I just don't understand why you did the review, you wouldn't review Outback or Denny's.

"I just don't understand why you did the review, you wouldn't review Outback or Denny's."

First off, Outback and Denny's are huge chains, so naturally they wouldn't be getting the VT treatment (Granted several years back Chuck did do a review of the Viva McDonald's.). VegasTripping over the years has reviewed a wide variety of dining establishments in Las Vegas, from the low end to the high end and all different types of cuisine. One thing to also remember is this site has always been about telling it like it is. The staff (as well as the readers that submit pieces) are not beholden to any casino company nor the PR lackeys that try to put a positive spin on everything. Compare the VegasTripping review to those of sites that are owned by media companies.
The reality is that Guy's Vegas Kitchen & Bar could serve nothing by Soylent Green and people would pack the place because his name is on the place.

He's not an internationally known chef so there isn't a huge expectation when it comes to his food (You go into a Gordon Ramsay restaurant and you have high expectations because he is known for his food in addition to being a screaming prat on TV.). His name is automatically associated with low-brow/comfort cuisine. You don't go into a Guy Fieri restaurant expecting beef bourguignon or even a hamburger with black truffles and foi gras. This is the sort of place people who when not on vacation go to places like Outback, Denny's, Chili's, etc.

I thoroughly enjoy Vegas Tripping, but this review...tries to hard. It's way over the top. Maybe I am missing the deeper significance of the review trying it out-Guy, Guy. Almost unreadable. Sorry.

rocklobster - your world cup comparison makes perfect sense. folks root for who the know/like/want to win regardless of their chances, yknow like the Cubs.

I've wanted to visit Guy Fieri's restaurant because I like trying out the new joints - you'll never find a new favorite if you don't give new stuff a try. i was planning to visit during VT10 but couldn't fit it into the schedule that weekend. it was high on my list for my most recent trip as were a slew of other joints (as you will see this week)

I'm not a food snob, or a professional food critic... i'm a guy who loves to cook, loves to eat and has put a lot of time in trying to develop my palate for flavors and ingredients - from high end to trashy. things can be good, even if i don't like or understand them. I think the first food review we ever posted on VT was of the 2 foot long Megadog at the old Westward Ho. the next review was about deep fried twinkies from Mermaids at about the same time.

we discussed guy's tv ouevre during lunch - john and tim both said they've watched his shows a bunch in the past, michele a little less so, i've seen bits and pieces in passing. my opinion about guy doesn't really exist... this was mostly new territory to me.

should mention that the word douchebag isn't a slam, but really just a descriptor - a high testosterone version of a metrosexual... highly stylized, machismo, loud, insensitive but with clipped eyebrows and embroidered jeans.

@indyjeff - at least the photos weren't blurry!

You seem to have expected a world-class experience here, when anyone who walks in the door can tell thats definitely not the "theme" here. Sure, this isn't the reincarnation of Elzar's joint from Futurama. It seems like its niche would be casual tourists who recognize that chefs name and feel drunk enough to try something different. Still, the tone of this review feels hipsterish to a point where its almost cringeworthy. "I order french dips from the places who MADE FRENCH DIPS. How could this place dare deviate from what I have known is the best?" ABOMINATION. I'm not saying this place looks good, quite the contrary. I'm just saying this feels awkwardly different from what I usually read on this site.

This sentence is even more awesome if you say it with a lisp

"They may look like crab legs, but they tasted like a solo stoned sophmore's saddest saturday night snack."

@RandyMarsh I think the expectations before they visited were pretty much looking for a good middle of the road comfort food experience. I have read enough positive reviews that I actually want to try the joint myself to see. And the main issue with that French Dip is the thickness of the meat, in order to be a great version of the sandwich the meat needs to be shaved so it's tender and soaks up the flavour of the au jus.

Just listened to Tim and Michele's review of the same lunch.

Yours was much less biased as Tim was already determined to hate the place. Both of you were negative but you much less so and you did enjoy your wings.

When I do not like a burger I usually leave some to enhance the dissatisfaction.

The fries acually look intriguing. A few steak fries along with thin cust a others is a great idea. Whenever I have steak fries I cannot eat them all.

The beer list is less than Cabo and other joints.

All in all, I may try an order of fries to go.

Some of that food looks tempting. I'm a sucker for pretzel buns, and six cheese mac? ... and, uh, cheese? Those breadsticks sound exactly like the sort of trashy indulgence that I'd love. It reads good to me.

I know nothing of Guy Fieri, though, being a pure Netflix-and-DVD guy. Thanks for the review. It sounds like, despite the appealing combinations, the execution is flawed. I'm still looking for a couple good lunch places for my next trip!

Here's the Five Hundy episode with their half of the Guy Fieri review:

Who knew there were so many sacred cows that the modern era of television has created. After having experienced the wrath of Taylor Hick's fans on twitter, and watching others be berated for daring to mock Cris Angel, we all should have known that lurking and waiting to pounce were Guy Fieri's soldiers of fortunes determined to stand up for donkey sauce and all of the delicious magnificence it provides.

I will check the place out if there is no line because I also love to try new places in Vegas kitchy or not. The menu could be turned down a notch to ramp down the level of cuteness and yes, the beer list leaves a lot to be desired.

Went for appetizers and a drink with my wife last week. I'd been reading harsh reviews, mostly making fun of the menu. I was laughing right along, but then saw the Fireball Wings and decided that we'd try it as a half-joke. Going in with that mindset, we weren't overly disappointed. We got what we expected given a heads up, and the prices were typical strip markup plus a few bucks.

One thing we ran into was a series of Challenges posed by our waiter. I ordered a beer, I was presented with a 16 beer challenge in which it didn't matter if I finished because 1) the wife could help out and 2) We'd get $25 worth of Guy Fieri swag so I'd almost be making money.

No Thanks.

We ordered food, again another (and maybe two) Challenges were presented with the same teamwork option and "guaranteed payout" in Guy Fieri merchandise.

Anyone else run into this? I wonder if it's only offered to couples. We had a good time, but the Fireball Wings weren't really crazy at all and I agree with Chuck that a normal wing assortment is a better dish.

I feel like this place is a non-Mexican cantina version of the Tatuado monstrostiy that Vince Neil has down at CircusCircus

I hit this place on Friday and was hooked when i saw that Total Rewards members get a deal. I also sat outside and the bacon mac and cheese burger called to me. I was going to order Vegas fries but the server said they came with the burger. The manager came by from time to time to see how I was doing and once the burger showed I dediced to tackle the excellent fries before cutting the burger in half. This was one of the best burgers I have ever had in Vegas. The check came with a mini tablet that you could rate the place with. It got a stellar review from me.

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