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Ballys Grand Bazaar Construction Update

By Chuckmonster on Tuesday, 22nd July 2014 1:13pm
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I rolled by the Bally's Grand Bazaar marketplace thingy recently, my first visit since construction started. It looks even worse than I thought it would.

Honey, let's go buy some Swarovski!
Ballys Grand Bazaar

No, that isn't giant construction trailer towering over foundation work, it is the new eternal face of Bally's.

Ballys Grand Bazaar

Garage style shopping stalls. Horrible.

Ballys Grand Bazaar

A rippled sheet metal roof screams cheep. Those posts are probably where the swoopy colored roof things will be mounted.

Ballys Grand Bazaar

At least the walkway gives a clear shot to the casino entrance.

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Comments & Discussion:

Are you sure they aren't a Public Storage franchisee and just haven't announced it yet?

Cabanas for the homeless?

So bad that it makes the changes at TI look good. Okay, that may be pushing it.

Please let there be kiosks in the middle of the main walkway to Bally's entrance! The Bally's Alley (TM) looks way too unencumbered and uncluttered right now.

(Remember when that area featured tranquil fountains and benches? Yeah me neither.)

I thought they would do the Best Buy thing and make the path to the front entrance meander through the shops. So "not as bad as I thought" is a compliment I guess...

I think they should've let it meander...
I mean, I *understand* why they took the people mover to the entrance out because then "people won't go into the shops" but... You've got a straight, unencumbered, path straight to the entrance. Why would I go to the shops?! (Geez Skywise, because you get hot and tired halfway there and have to stop into the air conditioning and while you're there you might as well get those playing cards actually used at the Stratosphere... at Ballys...)

I'm still convinced this a cheap "fix" until Caesars can sell another property to itself and develop that corner as the Jubilee Casino.

At least that's my hope.

^^Yeah, no doubt they have bigger development plans than this, once the economy comes around. A tower on that corner would be amazing, even in the hands of Caesars.

At least we won't have to worry about telling them to paint it, since crappy looking buildings will still look crappy looking once painted.

Exactly how many shops are they going to be packing into this space? What happens if you have a lightning strike, or an electric short, that starts a fire? You've got a lot of stuff packed into a relatively small space---how are retailers supposed to stand out when they're on top of one another like this?

The Bally's land has long been rumored to be where Caesars puts the Horseshoe. There were rumored plans of building a casino out front (where the Grand Bazaar is being built) and retaining the South Tower (Now Jubilee Tower) while tearing down the rest of the resort and building a new tower and other amenities.

So far this looks awful. When the shops go in it may look better but i doubt it.

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