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Source: SLS Restaurant Closures Imminent

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 21st January 2015 5:55pm
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A well-placed source is telling us that SLS Las Vegas may be on the verge of closing a number of restaurants, as early as January 31st. It is not known which of SLS' eight restaurants will be cut.

SLS closed their buffet late last year, barely three months into the opening of the brand new property from sbe entertianment. Shortly thereafter, former Revel executive Scott Kreeger took over from recently resigned 2015 Trippies Person of the Year Award winner CEO Rob Oseland and promised .

SLS' restaurant reservations widget - fulfilled by OpenTable still offers reservations for their major restaurants through February.

The source goes on to tell us that if there is a restaurant at SLS you wish to try - Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, Katsuya by Starck, Cleo, Ku Noodle, Umami Burger, 800° Degrees, The Griddle Cafe or Perq coffee stand - you shouldn't wait.

Other than killing room service, which restaurants close is tough to handicap.

José Andrés is a marquee name in the dining world, it would be difficult to see Bazaar Meat cut from the list, but operating a high level, high cost, experimental steakhouse tucked away in a corner of the casino by a nightclub that is seldom open might pencil out to Jose's head on the butcher's block.

Ku Noodles is a unknown, non-sbe entity serving a non-essential cuisine. Griddle Cafe already had its hours cut, but apparently does pretty good business. Katsuya might make sense as there is a lot of sushi in town with bigger and better reputations. Cleo is also a niche cuisine, even if the joint is superb. 800 Degrees might be an easy cut, but folks love fast casual. Umami Burger cuts bait quickly if a location isn't working out. You pick em.

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Comments & Discussion:

Aside from their dining options, what is the other reason to even visit SLS? It would be a huge mistake to cut that portion of their offerings.

I really hope they somehow make it despite what logic and momentum point to, since North Strip development and non-CaesarsMGM ownership can only be good things, but last month we had a 3 day monorail pass and not even a free trip could draw us there.

My guess would be either Katsuya or Ku Noodle. Two asian restaurants just a few yards from each other. The few times I have been to the property, both were quite empty. Ku Noodle is quite delicious though, but very dead inside. Katsuya was a bit busier, but is still a high cost sushi joint.

Umami Burger, 800 Degrees, and Bazaar I have seen huge lines for. Bazaar is almost impossible to get a same-day reservation. I have not tried Cleo and have never seen a crowd outside of it like the three I mentioned above.

The Perq has some of the best coffee I have had on the strip. It's delicious and I love to get it when I am there. However, Perq's operations are nothing less than abominable. A 5 person line will cause a 20+ minute wait. Last time I was there I got a bagel, cream cheese on the side, with a massive dollop of green mold covering 1/4 of the outside. How the employees didn't see that still bewilders me. Yet, I don't see Perq going away...unless it turns into a Starbucks.

The places that make money will stay open and the ones that don't will look for other locations further down the Strip. Umani Burger can find a space somewhere maybe inside Tropicans which would improve their dining options. 800 Degrees as well. Clsoing places to eat makes the death spiral of SLS go faster but if they can stick it out until Rock N Rio maybe the place can start a turnaround.

It's not going to be Bazaar. Searching around on forums like chowhound and TripAdvisor, that place is getting a lot of pub. It also draws a customer that afford to eat there, which is someone who has a lot of disposable income to throw around at the tables.

personally I would not put any money on Bazaar closing - SLS has the same restaurant in their Beverly Hills and South Beach (Miami) hotels, it seems to be part of the SLS brand identity plus could cause negative chef relations with Jose Andres if they were to close Vegas.

On another note I had a great time at 800 degrees at SLS, counter service it may be but the service experience was better than some Vegas table service places! and good pizza too. To the point that I would check out th 800 degrees 'south' location at Monte Carlo on another trip, that is how restaurants should be - impress you to the point you seek them out again!

My reasoning about Bazaar only based on how expensive it must be to run the place, and whether or not SLS as a hotel can continue to support the expense. If SLS closes dining, what other reason is there to go?

If this proves to be true, and they close 2-3 of their top tier restaurants, this property is doomed.

Chuck said: "If this proves to be true, and they close 2-3 of their top tier restaurants, this property is doomed."

Yep, yep, and yep. Even now, with such a great restaurant lineup, it's hard to get people into the place. Eliminate half the decent restaurant options? Forget it. Might as well padlock the doors for the second time this decade. And I doubt Sam would leave a handwritten note this time.

This is not a good sign...dining options were supposed to be one of the calling cards of this place...the key is, are there other options they can recruit to fill in the gaps, or do they leave these as empty spaces?

As someone who stayed at the Sahara four months before it closed, there were no places to eat at night, unless you wanted a pre made sandwich at Seattle Coffee...is that where SLS is headed now?

It's probably going to be Cleo or one of the Asian places. (or maybe both Asian places). I could see Perq being farmed out and renamed. Bazaar Meat, Griddle Cafe, 800 Degrees and Umami Burger are unlikely to see the knife. However, I could see the Bazaar Casino being axed (It was not open on the Sunday evening after VIMFP, which according to the SLS website, it's only open Friday-Sunday from 5PM-2AM.) and Griddle Cafe further cutting hours (overnight and breakfast only).

I stayed 5 nights at SLS in November. Cleo and Ku noodle were never busy and would be first to close. 800 Degrees would be next, as it was mostly empty. Bazaar is huge and very busy. I suspect they are having quality control issues because of the volume. Bazaar's casino is already being used for other things and they could easily convert the oyster bar to a regular waiting bar. Griddle Cafe is late night and breakfast only. It always had a long line to get in. Umami is also the sportsbook so it is busy, but they could easily make the patio seasonal. Perq is the lobby coffee stand, so they can't close it.

Although I do believe SLS is struggling, it is fairly normal for a new resort to go through some restaurant shuffling isn't? If I had to place my wager, I'd go with Umami Burger based on your notes above. Although I think Bazaar Meats is a strong contender, I have to believe they are bending over backwards to try and keep their high end restaurant open.

My luck it would be the Griddle Cafe though, which I'm still dying to try.

Bazaar Meat was the main reason I visited SLS and it was spectacular! If they close Bazaar then the hotel will soon follow no doubt. I liked the SLS, and I guess the location is killing them, but I never see advertisements telling people that they are open in or around Las Vegas. Sad...

This seems...very bad...not just for SLS, but for anyone with dreams of doing anything on the North Strip.

According to the Vegas version of a certain content farm restaurant site that shall not be named, their source is saying that Ku is closing and Griddle Cafe may be turned into a more traditional 24 hour coffee shop with the breakfast options pared down (Looking at their menu, it's like IHOP on steroids.).

Could SLS be dropping The Griddle name and turning into Northside Cafe?

SBE Licensing just filed for Northside Cafe trademark: http://trademarks.justia.com/865/06/northside-86506061.html

This could also be for other SBE properties, but Northside makes sense for SLS Las Vegas.

Great find TwisterII - winner find! I'm going to headline this.

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