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VegasTripping: Ep. 7 - Collections

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 12th March 2015 10:00am
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VegasTripping Podcast

Ep. 7 - Collections

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Comments & Discussion:

There's a fine line between being a collector and a hoarder, and John has clearly crossed that line... ;)

i collect spores, molds, and fungus...from vegas. luxor is like a treasure trove.

Relatively speaking, you know who had a great bathroom, (complete with amenities and an attendant), back in the day was Barbary Coast. Considering it was a grind type joint, there was a nice selection of colognes, chewing gum, mints, and mouthwash. It was adjacent to the 5.00 craps table.
Another interesting bathroom was at Rumjungle; one of the few clubs I ever went to in Las Vegas. Rumjungle brings me to one of my collectables; t-shirts from bars/lounges. I bought one there when it was still open. Solid black with a nice red Rumjungle emblem on the front...nothing on the back. I should have bought 2. Mine is pretty well tattered now.

Over the years, I've only amassed a few casino t-shirts and clothing. My first trip, I won a bag with a bunch Riv-related stuff in it (mostly Crazy Girls stuff including a t-shirt) playing the $40 for $20 slot promo thing the Riv had back in the day. I have a Binion's hooded sweatshirt I got for playing in a slot tournament there back in 2008 and a Downtown Grand t-shirt obtained during #VIMFP.

About the only things I collect are Silver Strikes and to a lesser extent, room keys. My first two trips, I turned them in when I checked out, but since then, I have kept them. The only ones I lack are Bally's (for some weird reason, the key cards I got at check in were Harrah's key cards) and the Golden Gate (At the time of my stays there, they didn't use key cards, their keys resembled a key-shaped flash drive and you had to turn it in at checkout.). I've also got a small collection of Caesars Palace items.

Hm, I have one of those plastic coin cups from The New Frontier. Trying to remember if they ever converted to the paper receipts or not.... Who knew those would ever be obsolete. Like Misnomer, I have a few expired paper receipts, as well.

And yes, probably still have every Vegas room key card since 2005....

I think the only things I've really kept, and not on purpose, are old, defunct players club cards.

^ My room key card collection is unintentional, as well. Just sheer laziness.

Playing cards! Super cheap at Slots A Fun, or at least they were before MGM took all the "Fun," a.k.a. table games and craps and any reason to visit, away. I even have a few authentic Wynn decks from before they stopped selling actual casino cards. I will be buried with those....

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