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The VegasTripping Strip Drive Hyperlapse 2015 Edition

By Chuckmonster on Monday, 13th July 2015 1:06pm
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I love those old home videos of folks driving up and down The Strip peeping at the hotels. I decided it would be cool to contribute to this, but mounting a camera to the dashboard of my car and driving up and down The Strip as it recorded.

Instead of forcing you to sit through 30 minutes of me breathing and cursing out taxi drivers who cut me off, I Hyperlapse'd the videos, compressing them down to manageable proportions. You can pause if there is stuff you want to explore, it's full HD, and shot in portrait mode so you can see the height of buildings. I suggest firing up your favorite Vegas jams and watching these videos in full screen. Enjoy!

Here's the east side of The Strip (driving north):

Here's the west side of the Strip (driving south):

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Comments & Discussion:

It's amazing how much slower it is northbound.

i did one driving from m resort to sls too. it took forever!

Red light. Inch forward. Red light. Inch forward. Walgreens. Red light. CVS. Red light.

I joke. On the east side: It's amazing how junky the South Strip looks and how close to the road (and each other) the Center Strip properties are. Then you get to the visual oasis of WynnCore, and I audibly sighed in relief before being distracted by the bland construction walls of Fountainblech.

As for the west side, there's an awful lot of undeveloped desert before you get to the weird alien spaceship above Fashion Show Mall and the ugly tumor of TI's new retail complex. Properties seem to have better spacing, but I notice traffic again bogged down around Flamingo Road. Monte Carlo and NYNY are too cluttered (already, and that's pre-arena), but I actually liked the Mandalay Mile, including Luxor's manicured grounds.

Nice idea but horrible execution. Please, take a good look at the computer screen you are viewing this on. Now take a look at your television. Notice anything? They are both horizontal! Why would you shoot this vertically? Especially when what you want to see isn't the ground or the sky, but the strip! Next time you have a chance, duplicate part of the footage you posted, but this time shoot it horizontally and compare the 2. Why would you limit yourself to 25% of the screen space when all you have to do is pivot your phone camera 90 degrees?

Dear PatCamp22,

Thank you for your input. The video is in portrait mode to capture the height and scale of the buildings, not a widescreen pan of cars at street level.

I agree that 99.9% of the time, you're going to shoot your video in widescreen, horizontal mode. In this instance, for the reasons explained above, I chose not to.

Best wishes,


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