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Vegas Eats : Della's Kitchen at Delano Las Vegas

By Chuckmonster on Friday, 14th August 2015 4:41pm
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Waking up at SLS with a donut hangover, I had a hankering to smother my face in some food that wasn't the Northside Cafe.

Pre-requisites for consideration: 1) I wanted something yummy 2) at a location I had not been to previously 3) that didn't require a 5 miles trudge through a parking garage and mega resort to get there.Is that too much to ask? Drawing a blank beyond Bouchon (failed #2) I did what any solo traveling husband does in Las Vegas - called my wife. We brainstormed, then trawled for menus... deciding on Della's Kitchen at Delano Las Vegas. I hopped in the car and hit the road.

One of Delano's best features (there is lots to love here) is their valet drop off's proximity to stuff you can use - gambling, bars, coffee, dining, Cirque, rock & roll and a super comfy bed are only steps away. No slog, no crowds, no lines, just serene calm friendly relaxation. This awesomeness may be the best kept secret in all of Las Vegas. Don't tell anyone.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Sign

I arrived at Della's Kitchen host stand to find nobody there. I hung out for a few minutes, snapping photos of the brand new Delano decor. Nice couches! Eventually, a man whom I presume was a manager, came down the hallway from Delano's lobby, greeted me and looked around quizzically. Finding no hostesses, he politely apologized for the inconvenience, grabbed a menu and led me to a table, making pleasant conversation along the way. His friendliness and instant problem solving turned what could have been a loss into a win. He made me feel that my being here mattered.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Dinin

The joint, as you can see, was virtually empty. Halfway through my meal three Mandalay Bay execs showed up to eat lunch. That was it. The dining room in the back was completely dark. I had to roll my eyes at the faux chalkboard decor. Trends should be bucked. Why not a giant photo of FDR, Stalin and Churchill at their meeting in Tehran at the end of World War II... I don't see many restaurants with photos of Soviet tyrants on the wall. Y'know Red Square, and all.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Chalk

Shortly after being seated, a waiter came by to apologize for the delay (wow) and asked if I had any questions about the menu. I knew exactly what I wanted and submitted my order starting with a cup of coffee.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Orval

I nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw that they have my favorite beer on the menu - the incredibly complex Orval ale from the Orval Trappist monastery in Belgium. Wow.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Coffee

Coffee arrived, a woody roast with medium acidity. Getting refills was an issue... I drink a lot of coffee, but not enough to order the "Coffees of the World" tasting menu of five different bean selections brewed table side. Next time.

I ordered a doughssant, basically a cronut minus the trademark infringement. Instead of delivering a single doughssant, the server delivered a trio of pastries from the "Bakers Batch" assortment listed in the menu. I don't find donuts, they find me. The waiter slid the cutting board on the table saying he added two other selections "complimentary, for having to wait." Boy, they sure are being nice to me.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Pastr

I started wondering if all this niceness being showered on me isn't about my having to wait at an empty hostess stand, but instead the fancy ass camera I'm taking food photos with.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Cronu

The doughssant.... layers of thin croissant dough deep fried and covered in sugar. Sweet, puffy and had nice buttery chew that a moist croissant has on the inner levels. A second cinnamon sugary donut came with... it too was fanstatic.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Lemon

A cranberry lemon poundcake rounded out the trio and was simply superb. The loaf was dense, moist, full of lemony zest and topped with large flakes of coarse sugar. Dab on a little whipped butter and/or strawberry jam and it became an orgy. Why isn't this place packed?

Delano Dellas Kitchen Juice

And then the waiter arrives with a tasting trio of "hand pressed" juices I didn't order, also complimentary. Left to right: "Mojave Sunrise" - a carrot ginger apple lemon concoction that was tasty and had that great ginger kick. "Green Pastures" - kale, pineapple, cucumber, celery, ginger, lemon also delicious and full of ginger and lemony zing. Orange juice. All of these were fantastic... I'm ready to put on some yoga shorts and jog shirtless through the sportsbook.

They must really like my camera. Hi guys, here's your review!

By this time, I'm pretty full, but I'm also a pig and binge eating in Las Vegas has replaced gambling as my preferred activity.

Bring me the chicken and the waffles.

Delano Dellas Kitchen Chick

Oooooooohhhh yeaaaaah. Chicken and waffles, the soul food classic that I just can't get enough of. Salty crunchy spicy juicy breaded chicken with fluffy crispy waffles covered in mmmmy butter fat and sweet maple syrup. There truly is no other meal that encompasses the totality of flavor in as a vein busting, gluttonous way than a mountain of fried chicken served on butter slopped waffles atop a pile of bacon.

Waiter, can you bring me your finest assortment of blood pressure pills!? And a knob of wasabi!

Delano Dellas Kitchen Wffls

Della's fried chicken is made from boneless, skinless, filleted chicken breasts. No wings, no thighs, no drumsticks, no dripping juices, no crispy skin, neither nooks nor crannies to nibble crispy breading out of. The ease of sawing and jawing comes at the loss of flavor and the juice dribbling obscenity that comes with a plate of real deal southern fried chicken. Delano is a respectable joint, they don't want you leaving greasy fingerprints on the elevator buttons.

All that being said, Della's Kitchen chicken & waffles was obscene. I was personally offended and embarrassed by the mountainous plate of sex food that I ordered and they brought to me. I loved every single last creamy spicy fatty crispy crunchy sticky sweet bite of it. I even licked the plate.


Delano Dellas Kitchen Check

Breakfast for one, no booze, came to $31.62 greasy American dollars.

Fuck yeah.

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Comments & Discussion:

Love that Orval


The meds have really kicked in and I'm aware I'm in this fawning-over-every-fucking-thing phase. But I really do love your restaurant posts. Also, that beer is tits.

Its funny, I never really gave TheHotel any attention, and I haven't really given Delano its fair shake either. Its just so far south that I'm usually too hungover or preoccupied to head that way. Maybe the answer is just staying there sometime.

Awesome review! On the list...

The food offerings look wonderful. I may wander in here just for the chicken and waffles since I will be close by my next visit.

I think Mandalay Bay is one of the most underrated strip properties. They have a lot to offer and the value goes a long way. The portions at Dellas are enormous for the same price you would find at other 'strip cafes'.

$31.62 is what one would pay for a stale, verging-on-botulistic egg salad sandwich, bag of chips, and bottled pepsi at the airport. I think this is a good deal.

I used to get treated like a writer when I walked into restaurants solo, knew the menu back & forth, and carried my leather-bound notebook and $200 pen. Oh I miss those days...

After reading this review I needed to have a cold shower.

You really nailed the "food = sex" equation :)

love the service from the manager at the beginning, you are so right that it takes a problem to a plus very quickly. The rest was truly bonus, but a fantastic bonus it was. I have to say the food and juice looked gorgeous, this place would have never been on my radar and if I didn't walk out of my room as I was hungry and pass it, I'd never have gone there. I'll be re-evaluating that based on your review.

Again, thanks for the informative review Chuck...surprised to hear no one eating here when you visited...wife and I stayed at Delano in March and when we walked past this restaurant each time during business hours, they always had a crowd...we did not eat here thinking that the food was just generic cafe food...but after your report, will have to give this a try.

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