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The Wynn Strip Esplanade

By Chuckmonster on Wednesday, 28th October 2015 1:09pm
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Wynn Ferrari Towbin Press Release

Last week, Towbin Motorcars issued an official press release announcing their purchase of the Wynn Pense Ferrari Dealership, as well as the onboarding of Wynn Penske employees. Wynn PR confirmed the Ferrari dealership closure to local reporters researching the validity of a TMZ article that was inspired by our post. Weird world the web is.

Not only is the deal done, it is done done. The former Ferrari dealership showroom is now completely empty. The Ferrari giftshop, however, remains in operation. For how long, who knows.

Wynn Ferrari Towbin Press Release

Sources have told VegasTripping that Wynn's plans for their Strip frontage are more expansive than the "bridge to Ālon attached to a former Ferrari dealership turned lobby" we theorized.

Wynn Strip Esplanade Alon Construction

In addition to the bridge (or bridges) sources are telling us that Wynn Resorts are considering tearing a page from the @jim_murren playbook of urban planning and building a Strip-side retail promenade akin to the Wynn and Encore Esplanade retail promenades.

Wynn Strip Esplanade Alon Construction

The "Strip Esplanade" would connect (and monetize) foot traffic from the vacant Ferrari building to the base of the Encore Beach Club's exterior escalators. The construction of this third shopping esplanade implies that the bridge to Ālon will not be built at Fashion Show Corner (as many VT readers suggested in the previous post) but instead just north of the Self Park ramp, at a midpoint between Encore and Wynn entrances. Placing an entrance here creates a clearer "Encore to the Left, Wynn To The Right" decision upon crossing Las Vegas Boulevard. Smart.

Should Wynn follow through with these plans, it would mark a dramatic about face in The Steve's post-Bellagio philosophy to make the inside of the resort the destination, not the shared midway. Is it possible that The Steve has finally seen Wynn Las Vegas' error, and is plotting an Escape From Wynn Mountain?

Steve Wynn stated in earnings calls that he expects forthcoming resorts Ālon and Resorts World Las Vegas to significantly benefit his bottom line. I'm curious if placing Wynn standards retail and destination dining into a Strip-side annex will drive traffic to a location where lights and shapes of other resorts will curiously ring brighter.

Amidst all the speculation, one thing is for sure: Ālon, without moving one shovel of dirt, is starting to move the mountains inside of Steve's mind.

Big thanks to JohnH for the Ferrari dealership pic.

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Comments & Discussion:

I'm increasingly dumbfounded how all this high end retail keeps multiplying on the strip. Forum shops was dead on my last visit, as was Crystals of course. I've never seen significant traffic at any of Wynn's retail. This looks like a pretty large expansion. I don't see where all the tenants are going to come from unless high end brands start considering shedding other strip locations, or they go for a mix of mid market retail. Resorts World likely will have massive retail infrastructure, and some seems to be in the works at alon... There are only so many brands that can pay those rents.

looks like the perfect spot for one large L-shaped CVS.

Only one thing to contribute: There's gotta be an outside sidewalk somewhere. Even the Crystals has an exterior sidewalk in case the mall is closed.

I wonder how hard Steve is going to have to look for tenants. Crystals was just a place to walk through when I was there. I saw people wandering thru the place but few were shopping.

I never see anyone in those shops either but somebody has to be shopping there...Hermes has 3 stores in LV, Dior and Chanel each have 6.

I, too, wonder about the high-end stores. Whenever I walk through Via Bellagio, the stores are empty and the employees look bored. As others have stated, Crystals is a ghost town. Forum had decent foot traffic, but also has (some) mass-market stores and restaurants.

But maybe all it takes to make the monthly rent is to sell one purse or perfume.

Anyway, Wynn's retail mall might work if there's a popular restaurant chain (another Shake Shack?) and a non-retail attraction (water show? moving fountains? conservatory?) inside to generate some foot traffic.

I don't know about the rest, but the forum shops is one of the most profitable masks in the world (per square foot). They'll keep building as long as people keep shopping.

The space to build is really narrow. They should take the parking space to make space for the shops.

Nice to see the article on vehicular activity at the Alon site. Contrasted to the lack of anything going on at Resorts World, unless you're talking about the longest time in history to complete a parking garage:


There has been activity there for some time. I did periscope video six weeks ago that showed dumpsters and shit being moved onto the site. Most of Steve's trees have been chopped down and demolition is being done at the former sales center for the trump building.

Re: Resorts World, scaffolding went up about a month ago. I mentioned this on the VT twitter account VIMFP weekend.

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