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Paid Parking: MGM Adds Car Counters To Parking Garage Ramps

By Chuckmonster on Thursday, 5th November 2015 11:28am
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MGM Resorts International is in heated internal discussions about shifting to a paid parking model as part of their Profit Growth Plan initiative to create new revenue streams for the company.

A tipster has sent us a photo of vehicle tracking technology installed in an MGM Resorts International parking garages.

When a vehicle drives over the sensor it triggers an electronic pulse that runs along the wires back to a device that counts the number of vehicles, the length between axels, traffic flow, slowest/busiest times of day, exact time of each trigger and much more. This specific type of vehicle counter is called an inductive loop.

Based on the shine on the metal clips fastening the wires to the cinder block wall, this isn't an old installation. Parking garages are ridiculously filthy.

Why would MGM want to know how many cars go in their parking garages?

Based on nothing but spit and gum, I'll do the math. Let's say 5,000 cars per day x $5/day = $25k/day x 365 days = $9.1m x 10 properties = $100m/year x multi-in/outs per day + price variance = $1,000,000,000 (billion) of profit on parking garages within 5-7 years.

When MGM gets solid numbers on garage usage, they'll adjust the tiered pricing model to achieve whatever Project Growth Plan revenue growth they want.

MGM seems hell bent on monetizing every square foot, including the one they're about to stick up your ass.


Comments & Discussion:

Seriously. Fuck MGM to hell for this.

If the suits weren't aroused before, they're aroused now. Please, don't show them the math on pay toilets.

Valet anyone?

Chuck, Dave McKee had an item in his blog on the LVA site about reports of pay parking thingys being sighted at Westgate LV. Don't know whether you had heard more on that.

@skins nope. i don't keep up with LVA.

Maybe just maybe we lobby the rental car companies at McCarran to lobby MGM to knock it off because having to pay for parking on top of the exorbitant extra taxes for renting at the airport and now having to pay for parking is just about enough to make people say **** it and not rent cars and not pay to park. I'm waiting for the MLife card swipe at the entrance so they can take your express comps as payment.

I didn't pay to rent an inflated tube for MGM's lazy river, and I don't foresee me paying to park a car there. I'm seriously considering taking back the nice things I said about my tiny West Wing room!

can we look on the bright side - if the parking is $10, people will instead drive up ridership numbers on the Monorail, resulting in an expansion to McCarran, and no one has to ever get long hauled again. The end. (sorry, that sounded like a fairy tale)

Valet... but my days of staying at MGM properties are over. I'll stick with Wynn and to a less degree, Cosmo.

Looking forward to Ālon, I think that could be our new home base.

A couple of traffic cones placed strategically in front of the inductive loop(s) will force cars to drive around (instead of over) the loops.

That will keep traffic numbers artifically low, reducing the business case for pay parking. Those of you reading this in Vegas right now, please make this happen, because we're all tired of paying more fees for the same products.

If i did drive MGM would become one of the last properties I would stay in. There better be an exception for hotel guests.

I live close to Atlantic City, and they have been charging to self park for ever it seems like. It used to be only $2, and just went up from there. The average price now in most casinos is $ 5 with a basic players card, free with an upper one and $10 without, but they raise it whenever there is an event. One day last week I had the day off, so I took a ride down. It was the same week as the NJ teachers conference...Caesars was asking $25 to park on a Wednesday afternoon. Bally's was $15. I got so disgusted I just turned around and went home.

^^ This.

When parking spots are as priced as variably as airline tickets or hotel rooms, it annoys faithful customers and confuses first-time visitors.

Who here thinks Vegas would create:
Saturday/Sunday surcharges.
Hockey night price hikes.
Capacity compensations.

That said, parking in other major cities' core can cost between 20-50 a day. Self-park at some DC-area hotels is between 20-40. Manhattan garages are between 40-50 with a coupon. Even the downtown hotels in something as small as Raleigh, NC, charge for parking.

But keep Vegas parking free. Let us spend our money at the tables or in the restaurants. We will, we promise.

^^ but in those cities that you've mention, we're throwing $100 bills at them even though odds are against us. I live in LA, and detest the fact that some shopping malls charge for parking. Las Vegas is a worse idea. Not only are they "sticking it up our ass" (as Chuck said, AND a comment that I made that got me inexplicably thrown of the fivehundy FB page, natch), but they're twisting that stick, too.

I meant to say that we're NOT throwing $100 bills...

If we're being honest with ourselves, we are the suckers. A cool group of bad ass suckers, but suckers none the less. Did we stop going when resort fees were introduced? Nope. These will not stop us. Until we stop going, I don't see these going away. I know the Strip is less and less for me.

^I'm not entirely sure if this is true. I have a reservation at the Mirage next week. Upon check-in, I'm going to ask for a supervisor and tell them that this will be my last stay at any MGM resort if the parking fee is carried out. Will this matter to them? Doubtful. But at least I will be heard. Through the years, I have been frequenting downtown more often. The Strip is losing touch with me, and I doubt that I'm the only one.
I have boycotted many companies through the years for various reasons. If more people would do this, it WOULD have a effect. But as I said, with clubs, the tightening odds, the resort fees, etc., the Strip is just becoming less and less desirable to me. I can easily see myself skipping it entirely on future visits. I wouldn't have been able to say that 5 years ago.

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