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PGP: MGM To Expand Non-Smoking Rooms

Here's some good news... MGM Resorts International is looking to expand their inventory of non-smoking rooms in 2016. Great! As an ex-smoker, I'm ok... » continue

Can You Feel The Murrn?

Can you feel the Murrn? #feelthemurrn ... » continue

Look Who Plans To Profit From The MGM Profit Growth Plan

Indubitably, we will learn more ways in which MGM Resorts International will cut corners on guest offerings in the name of increasing profit via their... » continue

The Powerpoint Equivalent of Jim Murren's Head On A Plate

Activist financial firm Land And Buildings have taken their fight to seize control of MGM Resorts International's board of directors to the people in the... » continue

Luxor Renovates

Luxor has finally renovated its ten year old hotel rooms which still contain the original Egyptian furniture website. The new theme is purple and... » continue

Jim's Plate: A Half Baked Puree Of iOS

Yesterday, the MGM Resorts International employee blog Momentum trumpeted the release of a new iOS app - Healthy Eating, Healthy You - a digital "greatest... » continue

New Feature Posted: Review of New Grand King at MGM Grand

Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS and Twitter feeds that we've posted a new feature article, a fantastic review of the... » continue

M Life Launches New Website

Before you Hear About It Later, M Life has Unchained a brand new website - an Eruption of shiny stuff. They even put Van... » continue

The New Hotness: Murrening

Fresh on the news that The Street has named MGM Resorts International the "Loser of the Day", we thought we'd take this moment to salute... » continue

Response: M Life's Facebook Flogging

Who cares what those folks on Facebook think about M Life. Snookie loves pistachios (as do I) loves to fall down drunk in public (as do... » continue

M Life's Facebook Flogging

We've all voiced our concerns on Mlife - inconsistent comps, a clunky website, and tier levels with hardly any real benefits between one another. Despite... » continue

We Now Know What MGM's Green Advantage Is!

Way back in April, we inquired as to what MGM Resorts International had up its sleeve when they copyrighted the terms "MGM Resorts Green Advantage"... » continue

MGM PR Rewrites Jim Murren's Wikipedia Entry - AGAIN!

They're back... the MGM PR machine has once again dove into the wily waters of Wikipedia to freshen up CEO Jim Murren's entry, piecemeal restuffing... » continue

MGM Grand Hotel Renovation Documents Leaked

A pair of crafty Undercover Bosses on have unearthed a bundle of contractor documents outlining pending hotel renovations at the MGM Grand. The... » continue

The Plan To Combat Cosmopolitan Part III

Bellagio has enacted a very clever plan to hoover up all that foot traffic that is leaking from the piazza outside their world famous fountain... » continue

M life Tiered Benefits Explained

One of the most interesting features of the new M life Players Club rewards program from MGM Resorts International is the introduction of tiered benefits.... » continue

The Plan To Combat Cosmopolitan : Part Deux

To help combat the pending onslaught of Cosmopolitan, the head honchos at ARIA are planning to employ an army of "Human Arrows" to divert customers... » continue

9 World Class Resorts, 108 Ways to Hack

MGM Resorts Player's Club offers are always bewildering. Why do I get offers from New York New York when I can't even recall the last... » continue

Coming Soon: MLife iPhone App

Inside of a recent presentation to prospective investors, MGM Resorts International has dedicated a full powerpoint slide to the mobile apps they've built for many... » continue

Mlife Gets All Nifty

Curious on where I stand in the hierarchy of MGM Resorts' gambling ladder, I've been logging in to the once totally worthless to find... » continue

Coming Soon To Aria: Simon Cowell's X Factor, Iron Chef America and Resort Fees!

What do Simon Cowell, Iron Chef America and Resort Fees have in common? If you said "they all suck" you would be only partially... » continue

MGM Giveaway Solicits Video Grovels

Loser? Lame ass? Love to grovel or beg for free stuff? Skip our contest and head right over to this one sponsored... » continue

MGM's M life Players Club Comes To Life

Capital M, lower case life. Remember that. MGM Mira-ugh Resorts International has launched the first phase of their upgraded M life Players Club onto unsuspecting... » continue

Ten Years of MGM By The Numbers

It has been been 10 years since the ink dried on MGM Grand Inc.'s $6.6B takeover of Mirage Resorts Inc., as good a reason as... » continue

Skylofts Launches Brand New Website That Doesn't Load

Dear Wynn Las Vegas, we apologize. After nearly a year of busting your chops about how pathetically slow your website is to load,... » continue

MGM's M life Comp Club Gets Complicated

Ladies and gentlemen... welcome to Mlife, the 'so new it hasn't been implemented yet' tiered comp club from MGM Resorts International. Mlife contains a whopping five... » continue

MGM's Internal Pecking Order Revealed

While perusing the recently refreshed Las Vegas Shows page on MGM Resorts International's corporate website, eagle eye VT reader donnymac66 noticed that the listing of... » continue

CityCenter Stinks

In anticipation of Aria's December opening, we were all brimming with a multitude of questions about what pedestrian access throughout the resort would be like.... » continue

It's Official, MGM Mirage is now MGM Resorts International

MGM Mirage has officially changed its name to MGM Resorts International, changed its corporate website to and unveiled a brand new logo. Tah-daaaaaaa!... » continue

Mmmm Life!

In an interview with Norm!, MGM Mirage CEO Jim Murren made two interesting remarks. The first: MGM Mirage, soon to be known as MGM Resorts International,... » continue

ARIA Finally Gets Their Billboard Right!

Our obsession with ARIA's marketing campaign continues today with the discovery of yet another billboard 1 mile away from the VT home office at the... » continue

Mandalay Bay: There's An App For That

Mandalay Bay? There's an app for that. Mandalay Bay and MGM Grand have joined Caesars Palace in the app store fracas with their very own... » continue

MGM Mirage Round Up: New Name, New Players Club, New Rooms at MGM

This morning, MGM Mirage filed paperwork with its shareholders requesting to change the company's name to MGM Resorts International, or via acronym MRI. The name change... » continue

MGM Mirage Tries Personal Approach, Fails

Our favorite social networkers are the ones not afraid to venture away from the monitor. The kind that send you a message when they read... » continue

The Chambered Casino, ARIA Style

We've managed to get our hands on even more visuals of the interiors of ARIA, which reveal some facets of ARIA's casino that weren't clear... » continue

New Mirage Product Opens In Los Angeles!

Golly, while driving around Chinatown the other day, I just happened to pass by what appears to be a top secret laboratory, wherein the latest... » continue

The Deal On The Deals

Some VT power users may have noticed that our listing of VegasDeals is a little thinner these days. In the interest of continuing our... » continue

Selling THEbrand - Bellagio Goes Dubai Bye

MGM Mirage has partnered with another Dubai outfit - Pearl Dubai FZ LLC - this time to bring MGM Grand, Skylofts and Bellagio branded hotels... » continue

MGM Mirage Takes On The Swine Flu

Worried about catching the Swine Flu during your next trip to Las Vegas? Worry you not - MGM Mirage has got you covered. MGMMirage has... » continue

Sheik Yerbouti At CityCenter's New Whinery

From the Drive a Rusty Nail In Their Scrotums While Forcing Them To Listen to Dio Dept. comes this adventure in whine tasting :... » continue

MGM Mirage Sweepstakes Scam

I know y'all are too smart for this, but it's worth mentioning that a group of cranks have been sending out fake sweepstakes notifications to... » continue

I Ordered You A Blueberry Pancake, Dave

Just when you thought the high tech doodads in the rooms at Encore were groovy, Aria drops a smart bomb all over it. Forbes is reporting... » continue

The Real Reason MGMMirage CEO Terry Lanni Quit

Did he cook the books? Fudge the numbers? Mistake his A.A. from DeVry for an MBA from USC? Did he schtup Kirk Kerkorian's tennis... » continue

MGM Mirage CEO To Retire

Here's some hot juicy news for the gaming biz geeks... MGM Mirage CEO Terry Lanni is retiring.... in two weeks! Jim Murren will probably... » continue

Gaming Stocks: So You Think MGM's Getting Hammered...

Here's a little positive note to our readers who happen to be vested in NYSE:MGM. You think you got it bad? Take... » continue

City Center /ARIA Re-Naming Contest

Dear MGM Mirage decision makers, As you probably know, the name ARIA is a little weak. Fortunately, there is plenty of time to change it... » continue

Update : MGMMirage Layoffs Not Caused By Recession

MGM sub-honcho Jim Murren told the Las Vegas Sun that their recent layoffs weren't a result of the economic downturn, but instead a previously planned... » continue

100 Workers at Biloxi's Beau Rivage and Gold Strike, Tunica Laid Off

The fallout from the MGM Mirage layoffs continues, with 100 workers being laid off at two of their Mississippi casinos : Beau Rivage in Biloxi,... » continue

Layoffs at MGMMirage Confirms What We All Knew

Breaking news via the R-J. MGMMirage has laid off 440 managers, at "property and corporate levels". Which pretty much confirms what we all knew, the... » continue

MGMMirage CEO Terry Lanni Hits The 9.6M Jackpot

MGMMirage CEO J. Terrence Lanni (who looks like he could've been separated at birth from Democratic pol pundit James Carville) hit a $9.6M jackpot in... » continue

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