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David Bowie

David Bowie has died. My introduction to David Bowie was the performance of "Changes" from the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars performance back when... » continue

A Note From Chuck

Dear Friends, This morning, while doing the final round of error correction of the previous post with my lovely wife/proofreader MissMonkay, it became evident to the... » continue

The VegasTripping Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The holidays are fast approaching, and no matter which god you worship or deny, nothing fills the heart with joy quite like the gift of... » continue

Golden Gate Charging $200/night!

Here's something I thought I'd never see... the Golden Gate is charging upwards of $200/night the weekend of VIMFP. Not just that but... it... » continue

Eight The Hard Way

Eight years ago this week, after a marathon brainstorm session over lunch at Golden Nugget's Carson Street Cafe, me and Miss Monkay purchased the domain... » continue

How To Know If You Are Dead In Vegas

It's easy to find yourself feeling pretty low in Las Vegas, given the 24-hour nature of the city, coupled with the opportunity to overindulge in... » continue

'Twas The Night Before Tripmas

'Twas shortly before Tripmas, And Trippers far and near Were quietly reflecting On what's happened this past year. We watched as Wynn closed Alex, And made the Tower Suites less... » continue

Man Down.

Balls. Either you have 'em or you don't. My Mom had a huge set of balls. She taught me more about the importance of having... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Leave Garage Door Opener In Unlocked Car In The Driveway

The greatest thing to come out of Canada since Anne Murray - Mrs. Celine Dion - had her Montreal home broken into yesterday by a... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Get Killed In Vegas

Just when you thought douchebags in board shorts or superhero impersonators were a real pain in the ass comes a trio of murders on The... » continue

TeamVT: Training Schedule Posted!

The 2011 Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas Marathon & 1/2 Marathon is a little less than 6 months away. Have you started training... » continue

How Many Times Has This Happened To You?

Ok, fess up. Which one of yous is this? Thanks to Misnomer for the tweet tip.... » continue

Cosmopolitan: Free WiFi, No PDA

Speaking of Cosmopolitan and mobile devices, we've received a bizarre report from a VT reader about a run in he had with Cosmo security after... » continue

Your $5 Won't Save This City

Can I rant for a bit? Throw a bitchfit if I may? Maybe I scour the internet too much, but I see it all over. It's... » continue

Pencil: Myth Busting The Booking Window

In case you didn't know, real time hotel room pricing really fascinates me. I've often wondered if it was possible to detect pricing... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Walk Casino With Five Large In Front Pocket of Aloha Shirt

Ain't nothing like walking around the casino in your favorite Aloha shirt with five large hanging out of the chest pocket. Unless a) that pocket doesn't... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Admin Pub Superbowl Pool

Forget that $1 a square Superbowl pool nonsense... three figures and up is where the real money is at. Oh, and jail time too. Miguel... » continue

Note To Self : Don't Steal Rewards Points From Players

Here's a new one, an employee of the Tulalip Resort Casino just north of Seattle Warshington was arrested and charged with Theft by an Employee... » continue

The Yellow and Stapp Attack

Note To Self : Don't go to Vegas on September 27th, 2009. Why? That is the date the Creed reunion... oh wait resurrection tour hits... » continue

When You Gotta Go... gotta go - particularly after laying waste to an array of alcoholic bevvies. Scott Curtis of New Hampshire found himself in such a predicament at... » continue

You're MEGAFIRED(tm)!

Apparently, this is what 'take this job and shove it' means when translated to lawyer speak. There is evidence within that does show that William Weidner... » continue

Imaginary Guitar Notes

Information is not knowledge Knowledge is not wisdom Wisdom is not truth Truth is not beauty Beauty is not love Love is not music Music is THE BEST Thank you Frank, for... » continue

Note To Self : Don't Drink The Water At The Tropicana

The comedy of errors that is the Tropicana Las Vegas took a turn towards the dramatic - and potentially explosive - with the discovery of... » continue

Note To Self : Don't Open Slot Parlor In Living Room

If you're like us, you've often thought how great a craps table would look in the dining room, or a Triple Double Wild Cherry slot... » continue

Note To Self : When I Become Boss of Silverton Las Vegas, Hire Employees That Can Spell

We stopped off at the Silverton on the way out of Vegas the other day to catch some food and do a little bit more... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Retrieve Bag Full Of Meth At Casino Lost And Found

How many times have you bounced from a bank of of Crystal Sevens slot machines to realize that you left your Players Club card stuck... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Gamble at Mohegan Sun - and win - If Under Age

It really must suck to be Rodriguez Solis these days. Mr. Solis was plunking cash into a slot machine at Mohegan Sun last week... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Go To Foxwoods With 61 Baggies of Heroin In Pockets While Having Warrant Out For Arrest

That pesky security staff at Foxwoods is at it again. This time, they put the screws to Shawn Wawryznowicz, who, in addition to having... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Start A Bookmaking Scheme At Borgata

On this weeks episode of the Sopranos, a $22 million dollar sports bookmaking operation based out of Borgata Atlantic City's poker room is raided by... » continue

Note To Self: Refrain From Bringing Fellow Congregants to Casino To Preach The Word Of The Lord

A Miami area preacher, Paul Carvalho, brought 10 of his followers to the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood Florida a few weeks ago, preaching... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Beat Up Slot Machines

A homeless guy beat the crap out of a slot machine at Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington Iowa the other day. Apparently he was... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Sleep in Foxwoods Parking Garage When Being Hunted By FBI

If only more criminals read VegasTripping, they would know by now not to go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun when on the lam from the... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Go To Casino After Robbing Quickie Mart in Darth Vader Mask

And the award for Best Actor in a Science Fiction role goes to Mostafa Abohassab of Wethersfield CT. Mr. Abohassab, in debt to an "unidentified" casino... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Buy Stock in Vegas Monorail Company

The Review-Journal is reporting that the Las Vegas Monorail is going full steam ahead towards financial default on its loans, despite a slight increase in... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Use Players Club Card If I Have Outstanding Warrants

Here's an interesting - and quite scary - bit of big brotherness courtesy of the Connecticut State Police and the fine folks at Foxwoods Resort... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Get Into Broken Bottle Fight at Harrahs Atlantic City

Two knuckleheads at Harrah's Atlantic City got into a bloody broken bottle fight after having a verbal altercation on the casino floor about .... drum... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Rob Casino Patron, Particularly If Employed as Local Sheriff Deputy

Tunica Deputy Sheriff Eric Scott pulled a Munson over the weekend with a couple of his friends outside of the Horseshoe in Tunica. Off-duty Deputy Scott... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Carry Fake Star Wars Zip Gun Into Casino Coffee Shop

Here's another Vegas tip for you Star Wars fans out there... An Australian Star Wars fan has been left regretting his brush with "the Force"... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Put Yukon in Reverse While Being Chased By Casino Security

Oh boy. A bunch of crazy women were booted from Montbleu Resort in Lake Tahoe over the weekend after getting involved in a scuffle... » continue

Note To Self: Don't Chance Hypothermia While Announcing Opening of P-Ho Mall

Magician Nathan Burton, whom some of you may remember from The Entertainer reality TV show (starring Wayne Fucking Newton) announced a few weeks ago that... » continue

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