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Hey Siri, What's The Best Hotel In Las Vegas?

Hey Siri, What's The Best Hotel In Las Vegas? There is so much wrong here, I don't know where to start. Time to call in... » continue

Sam Nazarian Withdraws Gaming License Application

VT reader Sam Nazarian has withdrawn his application to gain a gaming license as key employee of SLS Las Vegas. The SBE CEO was fire walled... » continue

Good Day Sir! A Wonka Project Update

As mentioned in the a recent installment of the VegasTripping Podcast, we had been working to bring you more information on what has become a... » continue

The Los Angeles Times Never Heard of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

While reporting about Tuesday's groundbreaking of Resorts World Las Vegas, the venerable Los Angeles Times (my hometown newspaper!) had the following to say: For those with... » continue

How Many Times Has This Happened To You? Dept. Vol. 729

How many times has tis happened to you? You and your goon squad head out to Vegas for that weekend long bender. You... » continue

The Loveman Legacy

Gary Loveman revolutionized the Las Vegas gaming industry by harnessing the power of every single byte of information casinos gather about their customers to create... » continue

Truth In Advertising Dept.: SLS New Years Eve

As part of their New Years Eve self-promotions, the SLS Las Vegas Twitter account posted this exciting proclamation, which was not supported by the evidence... » continue

Harmon Demolition Is Under Way

VT reader bgrapes sent us this photo showing what appears to be blocks of Harmon Hotel's windows being removed from the exterior of the hotel. Harmon... » continue

He's Bluffing

While debating whether or not the United States government should engage in military action in Syria, former presidential candidate and known gambler Sen. John McCain... » continue

AAA Downgrades MGM Grand To Three Diamonds

The Automobile Association of America has downgraded MGM Grand to a three diamond resort. This is quite a surprise given that parent company MGM Resorts International... » continue

This Week's Truth In Advertising Award Goes To The Riviera!

The allure of casino. A vector of excitement which drives logical beings to ignore the palaces built around them and of math that is... » continue

When The Fun Stops - Episode 642

Gambling addiction is no laughing matter. Ok, it is... just this once. Not just the indigent hopeless idiots trolling for any life line from the depths of... » continue

Hash House A Go Go In Facebook Hubub

Facebook fans of the Hash House A GoGo were treated this Election Day to a photo post comparing food stamps recipients to park animals. Nine hours... » continue

Tropicana Launches Holiday Deal. In March.

Here's a weird piece of marketing, the Tropicana has sent out a holiday discount mailer - 3 nights for $99 (a great deal) - but... » continue

Steve Wynn Goes Nuclear Tipping

Steve Wynn is known for knowing exactly what it is his guest want before they know it. Thus, we are all vegans. Steve... » continue

Luxor Welcomes All!

...or confuses them. What do I hate more than building wraps? Confusing building wraps. Building wraps that make no sense. Building wraps more out of place... » continue

Pencil: Caesars No Resorts Fees AND 20% Off!

In the afterglow of all that hubub about showgirls protesting resort fees last week, VT reader Jeff points us to a new "No Resort... » continue

Truth In Advertising Dept: Casino Royale

VT reader TL shared with us a groovy mailer sent to him by the nice folks over at Casino Royale. The fascinating part isn't... » continue

Grazie Times Nothing = No Grazie

As you've probably heard, the CEO/majority owner of Venetian & Palazzo, Sheldon Adelson, declared weeks ago that the company has cut out comps for all... » continue

I'll Take Fine Art Disasters for $54 Million, Alex

Elementary, my dear Watson.... » continue

Cosmopolitan: 6:5 Blackjack

In response to Mike's recent rant, a very reliable source inside the Brillo Pad (thank you Steve) has told us that the Cosmopolitan will offer... » continue

Photo: Aria In Room Technology Fail

While we're #fail kinda mood, allow me to set the stage for this little piece of snafutti courtesy of the ARIA in room technology thingamahoojis. We're... » continue

Photo: Wynn Slot Ticket Redemption Fail

Sure hope that poor bastard got his money before the C++ seized up. Either way, thats a big honkin' casino fail!... » continue

Are You Fluent In Cosmopolitan?

Then I have a job for you. The word around Las Vegas is that the folks over at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas are turning quite... » continue


Palms owner (for now) George Maloof got busted for DWI last night, amongst other things, he blew a 0.087. A PR flackey released an official statement... » continue

WTF: Mlife Website Error Sends Your Trip Details To Strangers

Y'know that new Mlife players club website that we've been talking about? Well, VT super reader Donnymac66 took it for a spin last night... » continue

Dice Ties: The Latest In Men's Fashion

We present to you the latest in Men's gambling wear... bow ties made out of dice. Paging Mr. Capuletti. Mr. Monty Capuletti, please report to Odds... » continue

Update: Aria Getting Clobbered on Facebook

Looks like ARIA got into a little trouble on their Facebook page, all of which was caught for posterity by Thanks to... » continue

Overbooked Wynn Turning Away Customers With Reservations

The Las Vegas Sun has posted an interesting story about a fellow tourist whose four-months-in-advance booking at Wynn Las Vegas was rescinded by the hotel... » continue

UPDATED: Kudos: Bellagio Joins Truth In Marketing Campaign

VT reader Misnomer shared on The Board a stellar example of accidentally honest marketing courtesy of the fine folks at Beeelagio. See... How long before they change... » continue

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together

My my my my my my my my pokah face. To the left, Theresa Sokatis. To the right, her sister Rose Bakaysa. After winning $165,000 at... » continue

Possible Cosmopolitan Interior Renderings Leaked

A set of three interior renderings, which purport to be of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas have been posted to the portfolio website of a... » continue

The Silk Road Turns Right Into Vdara's Casino

Suddenly, Vdara is interesting. Las Vegas Downtown News is reporting that Vdara's triptacularly gorgeous restaurant Silk Road will be converting its main dining room into a... » continue

Kardashians To Open 'Klub' Inside Caesars Garden of the Gods Pool

Just when you though it was safe to go back in the water at Caesars Palace comes the news that the first family of celebutardity,... » continue

ARIA : A Dream (Discounted)

At the risk of being partially artsy-fartsy, I'll spare the thousand words. From ARIA's gift shop: ... » continue

The Mirage Website Imploded

Looks like the Mirage website has gone down. Not sure how long it has been like this, but I haven't been able to... » continue

New Joint: Seven Out Station!

For full multimedia presentation, click play on the video then read the rest. Station Casino has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, but not before sending this... » continue

Rio's Sapphire Pool Now Offering "American" Style Bathing

BUSTED! Rio's Sapphire pool - if they even stick with that name for very long - can no longer offer topless sunbathing due to charges... » continue

The Binions Deli Pricing Game

If you've ever found yourself at a dining establishment and were served an add on salad that consisted of four pieces of limp iceberg lettuce,... » continue

Honey, Call Apple And Cancel The iMac Orders, The Fontainebleau Up

From the Kick Em While They're Down Dept. comes news that the Fontainebleau has been slowing down construction, laying off employees and putting workers on... » continue

Hack Your Own TI Offer

Unhappy with the latest email offer from TI? Hack your self an upgrade! Click the link, change the "3" to.... uh... um... how about an... » continue

Call A Plumber, The Fontainebleau Up

Fontainebleau has filed a $3B lawsuit against banks who have broken their promise to lend the project $800m smackers. Without the cash, Fontainebleau won't... » continue

As The Cosmopolitan Turns...

The saga of the Cosmopolitan continues today with the announcement by Hilton Hotels that their planned rebranding of the property into a "Denizen" hotel ... » continue

Jell-O CityCenter Status Update

We've assembled a team of the worlds finest Jell-O architects to help us design and engineer a sustainable revision of the future - Jell-O City... » continue

The New Old Thing: Coin In Coin Out Slots

Resorts Atlantic City has introduced a brand new bank of slot machines to their casino floor with a 70's 'Boogie Nights' disco theme of all... » continue

Meet The Winner Of The 2008 WSOP Main Event

Barely minutes ago, the longest final table in the history of the World Series of Poker came to a dramatic - and unexpected finish. ... » continue

Oooops: Craps Dealer Crew Busted For Taking A Cut On Late Bets

Twelve dealers have been arrested for participating in a betting scheme at Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun casinos in Connecticut. The scam - led by gambler Richard... » continue

UltimateBet Poker Sues Software Developer Over Hole Card Peekaboo Fraud

Man... I love stoppped playing poker online. While most of the rest of the world were traipsing around Azeroth searching for meat, mining (tink-tink-tink)... » continue

Luxor Tower Smells Like Bug Spray

Apparently, Luxor smells like bug spray... according to a Twitter posting by Luxor's official tweeter. It's also good to know that Criss... » continue

Caesars Palace Elevator Shooter Pleads Guilty

Some of you may remember the shooting at Caesars Palace last year which was caught on surveillance video (and promptly uploaded to YouTube by the... » continue

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