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Hard Rock Announces Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot Residency

Posted by Chuckmonster on 17 Nov 2014
The Joint at the Hard Rock has announced the Rascal Flatts Vegas Riot residency featuring finely coiffed country pop band Rascal Flatts. Sparkling pop production, twinkling mandolins, warbly slide guitar, lyrics that mention George Strait, date...

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THEpoll: Which Rumored Hard Rock Residency Would You Go See?

Posted by Chuckmonster on 13 Jun 2014
Which Rumored Hard Rock Residency Would You Go See The great Norm! tweeted today that.... Hearing the Hard Rock's new management has been busy recruiting Kiss, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar + Journey with Steve Perry. Pick em... which...

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Guns N Roses Returns!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 18 Feb 2014
AEG Entertainment announced this morning that Guns N Roses will be returning to The Joint at the Hard Rock for a three week long, nine show residency spring 2014. The run, entitled No Trickery! An Evening...

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Def Leppard Viva Pyromania!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 20 Dec 2013
Billboard.com is reporting that Def Leppard is preparing a Viva Pyromania residency at The Joint in 2014... just has I had hoped last year: Personally, if I had to choose a favorite Def Leppard record to...

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Slayer + Gojira at The Joint October 25

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Sep 2013
The Hard Rock announced yesterday that thrash metal legends Slayer will be haunting the chapel at The Joint on October 25th, 2013. I'm sure Slayer needs no introduction to VegasTrippers, they're fucking awesome... a...

Tagged: slayer   gojira   concerts   hard rock   the joint   metal forever or bust   

Throwback: The W Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster on 15 Aug 2013
Eight years ago this week, at the height of the building boom, Starwood Hotels announced W Las Vegas. The W was planned to be the linchpins of the burgeoning "Harmon Corridor" - a spoke...

Tagged: throwback   harmon corridor   architecture   w las vegas   las ramblas   hard rock   hrh   klai juba   lacina heitler   

VegasFlicks: VIVA Hysteria

Posted by Chuckmonster on 9 Aug 2013
Def Leppard has created a concert movie documenting their "VIVA Hysteria" residency from earlier this year at the Hard Rock Las Vegas. They're debuting it in movie theaters before releasing it to home...

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You Too Can Play With Gene Simmons' Balls

Posted by Chuckmonster on 24 Apr 2013
My friend and fellow KISS fan J.S.L went to Vegas a few weeks ago, theoretically for a family getaway, but really just to go play KISS Mini Golf. Nothing could stop him from filing...

Tagged: kiss   hard rock   activities   metal forever or bust   fore   balls   

Stephen and Damian Marley at Hard Rock Jun 28th

Posted by Chuckmonster on 22 Apr 2013
The Hard Rock is killing it (again) with another incredible booking. The brothers Marley, sons of Bob - Stephen and Damian 'Jr. Gong' - will be performing poolside at the Hard Rock...

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Long Live Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 3 Apr 2013
For my money, nothing, I mean nothing, comes close to the roar created by amplifying the magnetized vibrations of a metal string that is being manipulated by bonafide experts. Your hair blows back. Pants...

Tagged: rock n roll   hard rock   prince   the rolling stones   motley crue   

Get Your Photograph Taken With Def Leppard

Posted by Chuckmonster on 30 Jan 2013
Everybody who knows anything about rock n roll that besides Whitesnake and maybe Saxon (and by Canadian extension Helix, therefore April Wine and Anvil) Def Leppard was, are and always will be the biggest hugest...

Tagged: hard rock   def leppard   the joint   rock n roll   

This Week's Honesty In Casino Marketing Award Winner Is...

Posted by Chuckmonster on 28 Jan 2013
This weeks "Honesty In Casino Marketing Award" goes to The Hard Rock Las Vegas for this brave piece of snail mail marketing: Whooops! We'd be more than happy to let them use some of our Jackpot photos!...

Tagged: hard rock   marketing   

Guns N Roses Unleashes Hard Rock Residency Movie Promo

Posted by Chuckmonster on 22 Jan 2013
Guns N Roses are turning their residency at the Hard Rock into a 3D movie spectacular and have released a trailer containing the entire "Paradise City" performance as a teaser. Sounds like Axl's vocals need some...

Tagged: hard rock   guns n roses   rock n roll   def leppard   

Def Leppard Announces Dates, Disses Wayne

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Nov 2012
Big news today in the world of Vegas rock and roll.... New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) stalwarts Def Leppard have announced a nine show residency at The Joint inside the Hard Rock....

Tagged: hard rock   def leppard   viva hysteria   wayne newton   

Chinese Spaghetti Illusion Destruction 101: Guns N Roses At The Joint

Posted by Misnomer on 17 Aug 2012
Guns N' Roses has announced a twelve show residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, which they're calling "Appetite For Democracy at The Joint". Over the past year, I've seen the current incarnation of Gn'R...

Tagged: misnomer   guns n roses   hard rock   the joint   rawknroll   concerts   quantum teledildonics   

Geoff Tate of Queensryche at Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 24 Apr 2012
Geoff Tate, singer of concept-album-based metal band Queensryche is playing a rare solo show with a small acoustic backing band this Friday night (April 27th) at Body English inside the Hard Rock. I've seen Queensryche three...

Tagged: hard rock   concerts   metal forever or bust   

Hard Rock Revamps Website, Comp Club

Posted by Chuckmonster on 19 Apr 2012
The Hard Rock has imploded its previously bitchin' website and replaced it with another bitchin website. Stylish, fun, clean and easy to read and navigate. Nice job! It is also worth mentioning that...

Tagged: hard rock   internet   backstage club   comp clubs   

New VegasEats: Culinary Dropout Coming To Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 4 Apr 2012
Hard Rock announced today that they are welcoming a new addition to their culinary line up, Culinary Dropout. This is the second Culinary Dropout restaurant from Arizona-based Fox Restaurant Concepts. The menu for...

Tagged: vegas eats   hard rock   culinary dropout   

The Dirt: Mötley Crüe in Sin City at the Joint at The Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 2 Dec 2011
The one and only Mötley Crüe will be mounting a temporary residency - dubbed Mötley Crüe in Sin City - at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas in February 2012. This will NOT...

Tagged: motley crue   the joint   hard rock   

The Guns N Roses NYE Package Deal

Posted by Chuckmonster on 17 Nov 2011
AEG Live, promoters of gigs at The Joint, have teamed up with Hard Rock Hotel for a Guns N Roses New Years Eve Hard Rock Hotel package deal. For $1299 (plus resort fee, hahaha) you get:...

Tagged: hard rock   concerts   guns n roses   

Guns N Roses New Years Eve At The Joint!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 15 Nov 2011
Book your airfare, reserve your hotel rooms and start getting your liver into shape... Guns N Roses are playing at the Joint at the Hard Rock on New Years Eve. Skeptical? Yeah you are right...

Tagged: new years eve   guns n roses   concerts   the joint   hard rock   

Hard Rock Hearts Boobies Too!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 28 Sep 2011
The Hard Rock announced today that they love boobies as much as the Tropicana and will also be turning their building pink in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. BOOOOBHAAAAAAB! In addition to going pink, the Hard...

Tagged: hard rock   boobies   

Stevie Nicks At The Joint Oct 15!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Sep 2011
Just over the wire comes news that the incomparable Stevie Nicks will be performing at The Joint at the Hard Rock on October 15th. This years winner of America's Got Talent will serve...

Tagged: hard rock   the joint   concerts   

35 Steaks Plus Martinis Opens At Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 7 Sep 2011
Hard Rock announced today the opening of a new steakhouse concept 35 Steaks + Martinis which promises "a unique marriage of traditional steakhouse cuisine and libations, complemented with clean, classic yet cutting edge design." Since the...

Tagged: hard rock   steakhouse   35 steaks   dining   

Styx at The Joint at Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 13 Jul 2011
I've been listening to Styx since I was 11 years old, when by brother brought home their masterpiece "Paradise Theater" on vinyl. I was transfixed by the songs and the album cover. On...

Tagged: styx   hard rock   the joint   rock n roll   

Legends In Concert: The Grateful Dead* at The Joint October 4

Posted by Chuckmonster on 6 Jun 2011
Ok it isn't the Grateful Dead, but this band - Furthur is about as close as you'll ever get again. Furthur, for those who don't know, is the sonic core of the Grateful Dead - bassist...

Tagged: furthur   grateful dead   hard rock   the joint   concerts   

VegasEats: Johnny Smalls at Hard Rock

Posted by Chuckmonster on 26 Mar 2011
When I first read the menu of Hard Rock's new(ish) tapas/small plates restaurant Johnny Smalls, I was fascinated by the seemingly avant-garde yet playful way they were approaching the tapas rage. Since then, they've...

Tagged: vegaseats   johnny smalls   hard rock   tapas   

Angel Management To Open XOXO Supperclub In Crystals?

Posted by Chuckmonster on 20 Mar 2011
Where oh where did that mysterious XOXO Supperclub go? Originally planned to open at the Hard Rock - Ago is still accepting reservations for March & beyond - this new joint from Angel Management group has...

Tagged: angel management group   xoxo supperclub   beso   nightclubs   crystals   citycenter   hard rock   

New Feature Posted: The HRH Tower Penthouse - OMG

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Nov 2010
Here's a quick note to those tuned into the RSS and/or Twitter feeds that we have posted a brand new feature article, a big honkin, undeniably awesome photo tour of the Hard Rock's new(ish) HRH...

Tagged: hard rock   hrh tower   penthouse   omg   

Hard Rock To Add Outdoor Concert Stage

Posted by Chuckmonster on 15 Jul 2010
Wow... the Hard Rock has been on a complete tear over the last few years. Between the re-opening of The Joint, the new Paradise and HRH towers, new clubs, dining and casino...

Tagged: hard rock   concerts   

New Feature Posted: HRH Tower at Hard Rock - The VT Review

Posted by Chuckmonster on 13 Jul 2010
Just a quick note to those tuned into the RSS or Twitter feeds that we've posted a brand new feature to the site which happens to be the first official posting by the newest member...

Tagged: hard rock   hrh tower   hotel reviews   new rooms   

Dr. Dave and Casino Twitter Usage

Posted by MikeE on 17 Jun 2010
Ah, the early(ish) days of Twitter. The days when The Admiral actually scored the brilliantly simple handle of @Hunter (he was the 903rd person to sign up for the service) and my only complication was...

Tagged: twitter   wynn las vegas   mirage   hard rock   

Hard Rock Launches Awesome New Website

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Jun 2010
The Hard Rock has launched a brand new website, which is... well... pretty f'ing awesome (unless you use one of those hotly discussed fruit company gadgets that doesn't support the Flash plug in. *achooobrianfey*) Primary navigation...

Tagged: hard rock   internets   

Hard Rock opens SKYBAR at HRH Beach Club

Posted by Chuckmonster on 19 Apr 2010
As part of their massive expansion, the Hard Rock has opened a Las Vegas outpost of the Sunset Strip icon SKYBAR (all caps) on the roof of the HRH Beach Club. SKYBAR promises all day /...

Tagged: hard rock   hrh   skybar   nightlife   daylife   bottle service   

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