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Is SLS About To FU Ku?

Posted by Chuckmonster on 1 Oct 2015
SLS' Northside Cafe sent out an email announcement touting their new Chinese Menu. Everything happens for a reason. Here are two possibilities: Player: There is so much demand for Chinese dining at SLS that it required...

Tagged: sls   dining   northside cafe   chinese food   jose andres   ku noodle   

The SLS Gift Shop, An Appreciation?

Posted by Chuckmonster on 29 Jul 2015
So where were we? SLS, right. As mentioned, this was my first visit to SLS since it opened. I won't bore you with the back story, here's the Story Tower review and some other...

Tagged: sls   philipe starck   gift shops   jose andres   interior design   art   dada   conceptual art   

Vegas Eats Preview: Bazaar at SLS Las Vegas

Posted by Chuckmonster on 14 Aug 2014
SLS Las Vegas is opening in less than 10 days and wallpapering the world with PR that states that the restaurants they are importing from Los Angeles are like awesome. Fortunately for you, most of...

Tagged: vegaseats   dining   sls las vegas   sbe   jose andres   

Take A Peek Inside SLS Las Vegas Casino Floor

Posted by Chuckmonster on 3 Dec 2013
SLS Las Vegas has stated that they will slot themselves into the market by targeting locals and tourists who fit the "just below luxury" price point, roughly equivalent to a four star rating. So what does...

Tagged: sls las vegas   sbe   jose andres   casino   bazaar   renderings   roger thomas   

VegasEats: e by Jose Andres at Cosmopolitan

Posted by Misnomer on 13 Apr 2012
"Congratulations, you've made it!" exclaimed the last in a long succession of emails between me and the mysterious, unnamed presence penning the correspondence for "reserve@ebyjoseandres.com". The email was confirmation that my wife and I...

Tagged: misnomer   vegas eats   jose andres   e   dining   cosmopolitan   

VegasEats: Duck Tongue Taco at Cosmopolitan's China Poblano

Posted by Misnomer on 2 Mar 2012
First things first: I am very fond of China Poblano, the part Chinese, part Mexican casual restaurant at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I've found myself eating there on multiple occasions on each...

Tagged: misnomer   cosmopolitan   china poblano   jose andres   vegaseats   dining   

e: Jose Andres' Secret Restaurant at The Cosmopolitan

Posted by JohnH on 23 Dec 2010
We all knew about the not-so-secret-but-still-kind-of secret pizza place, but it looks like there's another level, another layer to The Cosmopolitan's arsenal of secret dining. It all started with a set of cryptic tweets sent out...

Tagged: cosmopolitan   e   jose andres   dining   

More Details Emerge On Cosmo's China Poblano

Posted by JohnH on 13 Oct 2010
When the Cosmopolitan announced its restaurant line-up back in March, the one restaurant that undoubtedly confounded all of us was Chef Jose Andres' Sino-Mexicano hybrid concept, China Poblano. Yes, we all knew it was...

Tagged: cosmopolitan   jose andres   china poblano   dining   

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