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Mandalay Bay Announces Highwire Slackline Megastunt

Posted by Chuckmonster on 12 Sep 2013
Mandalay Bay announced that Andy Lewis - known for performing during the Super Bowl halftime show with Madonna - will lead a team of high flying daredevils and members of Cirque Du Soleil in a...

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The King Of Pop Kills Off The Lion King

Posted by Chuckmonster on 28 Oct 2010
The big story. Jungle? Pop. Paws? Gloves. Prancing? Moonwalking. Blood lust? Young lust. Disney? Cirque. Jungle juice? Jesus Juice. Elton John? ...

Tagged: mandalay bay   lion king   cirque du soleil   michael jackson   

It Gets Worse: MJ / Cirque Casting Via Reality Show

Posted by Chuckmonster on 21 Apr 2010
Cirque du Soleil President Daniel Lamarre spoke with MTV news about the Cirque/Michael Jackson shows plans, specifically their plans for casting the show via a reality show. Let's go to the video tape! MTV Shows Check please....

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Cirque Joins the Michael Jackson Gold Rush

Posted by Chuckmonster on 20 Apr 2010
In June 2009, entertainer Michael Jackson died of "acute propofol intoxication" ending a life of extreme talent coupled with extreme loneliness and abuse at the hands of handlers, promotors and the celebrity press. Faster than you...

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