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New Feature Posted: Interview with Spiegelworld Mastermind Ross Mollison

Posted by Chuckmonster on 10 Feb 2016
Just a note to folks tuned into the RSS, Facebook, Twitter and.... (drum roll plz) brand new Instagram feed that we've posted a new feature article. VegasTripping is proud to present, Misnomer's interview with Ross Mollison...

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Guns n' Roses Slot Machine to Debut in January

Posted by Misnomer on 25 Nov 2015
Blabbermouth is reporting that Guns n' Roses, the hard rock band occasionally seen in residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, will be the subject of a slot machine produced by Swedish game developer...

Tagged: misnomer   guns n roses   slot machines   butt sex   

Vegas Eats: Emeril's New Orleans Fish House at MGM Grand

Posted by Misnomer on 29 Oct 2015
Emeril Lagasse is something of a paradox. On one hand, he's a classically trained chef with an unassailable pedigree, and an originator of fine dining in Las Vegas. On the other hand, he's a TV...

Tagged: vegas eats   dining   emerils   mgm grand   celebrity chefs   misnomer   e-fork   

Make Your Own Steve Wynn Guitar Sweater

Posted by Misnomer on 23 Oct 2015
Just before Garth Brooks played his final show at the Encore Theater, Steve Wynn appeared in a photo with the singer wearing a ridiculous Rock n' Roll guitar sweater by A & G Cashmere. We...

Tagged: misnomer   steve wynn   sweater   arts and crafts   

New Feature Posted: Interview With Wonka Game Designer Daniel Louie

Posted by Chuckmonster on 2 Oct 2015
Just a note to folks tuned in to the RSS, Facebook and @vegastripping Twitter feeds that we've posted a new feature article. We're incredibly proud, and frankly shocked, to share with you Misnomer's interview with Wonka...

Tagged: feature   wonka   interviews   slot machines   misnomer   

Vegas Sneaks: Two Shoe Review

Posted by Misnomer on 28 Sep 2015
Nearly as much as I love Las Vegas, I love sneakers. In fact, my passion for kicks has gotten so out of hand, if you were to ask me how many pairs of shoes I...

Tagged: misnomer   vegas sneaks   air jordan   feature   saucony   sneakers   

Rumor Department: Mirage to be Converted Into Fertilizer Storage Facility

Posted by Misnomer on 5 Aug 2015
Yesterday, in a quarterly earnings call, MGM Resorts International CEO Jim Murren put to rest rumors of a pending sale of the Mirage. But that hasn’t stopped the rumor mill from turning. In fact, our...

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News Brief's for May 29, 2015

Posted by Misnomer on 29 May 2015
Longbar Ups the Bloody Mary Ante Longbar, Nevada's longest bar, located at The D Casino in Downtown Las Vegas, has established a reputation for upping the ante on its competition. Now the venerable watering hole believes...

Tagged: misnomer   the d las vegas   bloody marys   steve wynn show stoppers   spaceballs   

Guest Editorial: La La La La , I Can't Hear You by Steve Wynn

Posted by Misnomer on 22 May 2015
pic.twitter.com/leAVdgK6va— Jeff scheid (@Jlscheid) May 6, 2015 La la la la, I can't hear you! I can't hear a word you're saying. What? Oh, I'm sorry, did you say something? I can't hear you! Ha!...

Tagged: misnomer   steve wynn   guest editorial   

New Feature Posted: Top 10 Essential Single Digit Numbers In Las Vegas 2015

Posted by Chuckmonster on 6 Feb 2015
Just a quick not to those tuned into the Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds that we've posted a new feature article to the website: VegasTripping's Exclusive Guide to the Top 10 Essential Single Digit Numbers In...

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The People vs. The New Tropicana Las Vegas A Doubletree by Hilton

Posted by Chuckmonster on 29 Jan 2015
Will this session of the Truth In Marketing court come to order, judge Charles S. Monster Esq. presiding. In the case of The People vs. The New Tropicana of Las Vegas A Doubletree by Hilton, it...

Tagged: truth in advertising   craps   dice   tropicana   yemenidjian   misnomer   leghorn   

Deconstructing The White Castle

Posted by Misnomer on 27 Jan 2015
Alcohol, as an intoxicant, is unique in its ability to interfere with a person's ability to judge size and scale. While under its influence, I have fought men twice my size, and bedded women bigger...

Tagged: misnomer   vegas eats   burgers   casino royale   white castle   

Yeehaw! Buffalo Bill’s Has Got A Cement Pond!

Posted by Misnomer on 5 Sep 2014
Howdy partner! ‘Round these parts, we ain’t had much occasion to say much about Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino, seein’ as how it’s located clear out in Primm Valley. But the other day they was...

Tagged: misnomer   buffalo bills   

Facebook Down? myVegas Not Working? Don't Panic. We've Got Your Free Stuff, Right Here.

Posted by Misnomer on 1 Aug 2014
The internet-based narcissism engine social media website "Facebook" crashed today, taking down with it the data miner social gaming platform "myVegas". As most of you are aware, myVegas allows players of simulated casino games to...

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News Brief's For July 18, 2014

Posted by Misnomer on 18 Jul 2014
Harmon Demolition Crews Mistakenly Construct Defect-Free Harmon Construction workers tasked with demolishing the defective Harmon hotel tower have instead built a defect-free facsimile of the high-rise building. Project manager Michael Fiorentino says the construction of the...

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It's BBQ Season. Be Careful Out There.

Posted by Misnomer on 4 Jul 2014
You. Yes, you. You are a Las Vegas expert. Your mere presence here confirms it. You've sought out this community for news and information, but also for the camaraderie of like minded individuals who care...

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The Cosmopolitan's Curiously Cracked Tub Stopper Tip

Posted by Chuckmonster on 13 Jun 2014
As "Pro Tips" go, this ones a bit obscure, but bear with me. Every time - every single time - I have stayed at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the bathroom's tub stopper has been...

Tagged: misnomer   cosmopolitan   protip   

An Example of Well Executed Targeted Casino Marketing

Posted by Misnomer on 23 May 2014
Finally, a casino that gets me....

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Congratulations, Nick Hissom!

Posted by Misnomer on 19 May 2014
Add Ivy League graduate to the already impressive list of accomplishments attained by Nicholas Robert Danenza Hissom. Mr. Hissom, a fashion model and pop star, who as recently as last summer had the No. 1...

Tagged: nick hissom   steve wynn   wynn resorts   misnomer   

Strained Metaphor Department: Video Poker is Bird Watching

Posted by Misnomer on 16 May 2014
Recently, whilst touring Flamingo's pool gardens with fellow VT staffer and noted ornithologist JohnH, it occurred to me that my video poker play is not dissimilar from bird watching, a point I will attempt to...

Tagged: misnomer   video poker   

Clooney Tunes

Posted by Misnomer on 25 Apr 2014
From Norm! - the only Las Vegas gossip columnist who matters - comes the juicy story of George Clooney storming out of a dinner with Steve Wynn. Clooney, on property at Wynncore to promote his Casamigos...

Tagged: misnomer   

The Lamest Shoe Boutique In Las Vegas

Posted by Misnomer on 18 Apr 2014
I never buy anything in Vegas. Well, booze of course. And chili dogs. Antacids, maybe. But I had never once availed myself of the myriad of shopping opportunities in the tourist corridor. So when my...

Tagged: misnomer   cosmopolitan   crsvr   

How To Fix Harmon In Four Easy Steps

Posted by Misnomer on 7 Mar 2014
ConExpo, the massive construction trade show, rolled in to Las Vegas this week, bringing with it some of the world's largest construction companies, and millions of dollars worth of heavy construction equipment. Which got us...

Tagged: misnomer   

Celine Dion: Watching Hockey or Eating Bad Poutine?

Posted by Misnomer on 21 Feb 2014
You make the call... ...

Tagged: misnomer   celine dion   

Will You Be Our Vegas Valentine?

Posted by Misnomer on 14 Feb 2014
Will you be our Vegas Valentine? ...

Tagged: misnomer   

Vegas Winter Olympics

Posted by Misnomer on 4 Feb 2014
In honor of the upcoming Winter Olympics, we present this look at the Vegas events that make champions out of this country's athletes, and close approximations thereof. Skeeve Jumping This event requires both athleticism and poise, as...

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News Brief's For January 17, 2014

Posted by Misnomer on 17 Jan 2014
Hard Rock Opens Dokken-Themed Lunch Counter In a city weary of the ever expanding number of burger joints and pizza places, the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel is looking to start a new trend in Las...

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How Rudolph Saved Las Vegas

Posted by Misnomer on 20 Dec 2013
Grab some nog and nillas kiddies while Uncle Misnomer tells you the story of How Rudolph Saved Las Vegas. ...

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The VegasTripping Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Posted by Misnomer on 6 Dec 2013
The holidays are fast approaching, and no matter which god you worship or deny, nothing fills the heart with joy quite like the gift of giving gifts to the gifted. To help you with your...

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Update: Vdara Death Ray By The Numbers

Posted by Misnomer on 22 Nov 2013
Way back in 2008, my esteemed colleague, Dr. Charles S. Monster, accurately predicted what has come to be known as "The Vdara Death Ray," same being the curved building's tendency to focus and reflect high...

Tagged: misnomer   vdara death ray   murrening   

Gallagher Smashes Your Soul Like A Watermelon

Posted by Misnomer on 15 Nov 2013
I was prepared to write a think piece about an iconic comedian struggling with his own limitations in the harsh face of onetime stardom. I was going to relate my experience seeing Gallagher at the...

Tagged: gallagher   tropicana   misnomer   

New Feature Posted: The D Suite at The D

Posted by Chuckmonster on 11 Nov 2013
Just a quick note to those tuned in to the RSS and Twitter feeds that we've posted a new feature article to VT, Misnomer's review of The D Suites at The D. Yes folks,...

Tagged: hotel reviews   suites   photos   the d   misnomer   

Vegas Fun Facts: Grandissimo Edition

Posted by Misnomer on 11 Oct 2013
In honor of the October 19th release of Gradissimo: The First Emperor of Las Vegas, a book by our friend Dr. David G. Schwartz, we present the following fun facts about the life and times...

Tagged: misnomer   grandissimo   

EXCLUSIVE: First Photos of Holly Madison's Wedding

Posted by Misnomer on 13 Sep 2013
Here, for the first time anywhere, VegasTripping brings you the never-before-seen photos of Holly Madison's Disneyland wedding! The Las Vegas resident and ambassador married Electronic Daisy Carnival presenter Pasquale Rotella on September 10th, and...

Tagged: misnomer   holly madison   pasquale rotella   nuptials   

I'd Really Love To Tunnel You

Posted by Chuckmonster on 29 Aug 2013
We're proud to introduce a new design into the VT Crystal Canal Merch Bazaar Esplanade, just in time for many of you to stand in the taxi line at McCarran International Airport. Designed with love by...

Tagged: taxi   tunnel   merch   misnomer   

A Redder Shade of Purple

Posted by Misnomer on 23 Aug 2013
Banner ads for Cosmopolitan's new "Misfit Right In" campaign have been popping up in the margins of my Satin Casino Jacket Anonymous support group pages lately, and one has a familiar look to it. Hmm, where...

Tagged: misnomer   

News Brief's For August 16, 2013

Posted by Misnomer on 16 Aug 2013
Former Guns N' Roses Guitarist Gilby Clarke Fails to Cause Controversy On the heels of an actual controversy involving current Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba, a former axe slinger for the group finds himself at...

Tagged: misnomer   

Experiments in Modern Art

Posted by Misnomer on 9 Aug 2013
In the spirit of Andres Serrano's Piss Christ, we present Hissom Beatles. Look at it. Let it fill you with emotion....

Tagged: misnomer   

Las Vegas Casino Execs: The Lost Screen Tests

Posted by Misnomer on 2 Aug 2013
You know these men for the starring roles they play with some of Las Vegas's biggest casinos. But you may not be aware of the roles that they didn't land. Here are the...

Tagged: misnomer   

Casino Music: Beats on Repeat

Posted by Misnomer on 26 Jul 2013
A casino's house music is nearly as important to its atmosphere as is its decor. Whether socializing at a center bar, or gaming at the tables, the music that a casino pipes in is...

Tagged: misnomer   

Adventures In Satin Casino Jacketeering

Posted by Chuckmonster on 19 Jul 2013
Recently, while satin casino jacketeering on eBay in anticipation of the World Series of Satin Casino Jackets, I purchased an interesting little jacket that may have some historical significance. Behold. A Caesars Palace jacket? ...

Tagged: satin casino jackets   misnomer   caesars palace   

Mr. Nomer and Candy : The Final Chapter

Posted by Misnomer on 10 Jul 2013
Mr. Nomer and Candy: The Final Chapter ...

Tagged: misnomer   vimfp   

Gimmie Some Sugar

Posted by Misnomer on 14 Jun 2013
Earlier this week, the PR firm that represents the Hershey's store coming to New York-New York sent out GIANT Hershey's bars to members of the preferred media. Their bellies stuffed with payola chocolate, these...

Tagged: misnomer   itssugar   venetian   hershey   payola   

News Brief's For June 7, 2013

Posted by Misnomer on 7 Jun 2013
Busker Just Thought Of A Great Idea No One Will Get Eugene Martin, a busker who earns his living in tips while standing outside of the Paris casino dressed as Albert Camus, just had a great...

Tagged: misnomer   

Ask Misnomer Anything: The Answers!

Posted by Misnomer on 31 May 2013
We asked you, our loyal readers, to submit your questions about Las Vegas, gambling, and whatever else was on your mind. Here, we address the burning topics of the day. Dave702 asked: Does the...

Tagged: misnomer   

Ask Misnomer Anything!

Posted by Chuckmonster on 24 May 2013
The Doctor is in. Again. VT's resident goofball Misnomer wants to help you. If you have any Vegas question, large or small, sparkly or dull, gold or silver, blazing or haywire Misnomer will be happy...

Tagged: misnomer   

VegasWheels: Dodge Challenger Limousine

Posted by Misnomer on 17 May 2013
Whenever I see someone in a limo, I think, 'Ooooooh, you've got forty dollars!'" - David Spade A frequent topic of conversation on The Board, the use of limousine service from the airport is generally considered...

Tagged: vegaswheels   limousines   misnomer   

Chandelier Bar: Your Libation, Deflation Station

Posted by Misnomer on 10 May 2013
My wife, the Estimable @MrsMisnomer, and I recently returned from another trip to fabulous Las Vegas. Whilst there, we imbibed a number of times at Cosmopolitan's Chandelier Bar, winner of the 2013 Trippies Award...

Tagged: misnomer   

On Targeting Middle America And Missing The Mark

Posted by Misnomer on 19 Apr 2013
I am Misnomer. I am a middle aged, middle class, heavyweight man from Middle America. Flyover country. Cowtown, USA. I have a mortgage on a vinyl sided house that I'll never...

Tagged: misnomer   

Whadija Bring Me?

Posted by Misnomer on 12 Apr 2013
When the fun stops. When the ATM machine begins spitting out "Insufficient Funds" slips. When your liver is palpable from outside of your body. That's when it's time to pack up and...

Tagged: misnomer   

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