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Cosmopolitan Launches Website 2.0

The Cosmopolitan has launched the 2.0 version of their website.... their first major upgrade since launching the original website on June 28th, 2010. The... » continue

Update: Jimbo Gets A Twitter Account

First came @JohnUnwin, Cosmopolitan CEO who hyped his properties, made fun of Steve Wynn and engaged in VT comedy via Twitter. Second came @DerekJStevens... » continue

The Casino Marketing Selfie Game

Time to play that classic walk around dizzy and blindfolded with something sharp in your hand game "Pin The Narcissist With The Selfie Stick!" ... » continue

Sayonara Vegas Chatter!

The largest publishing company in the world Advance Publications (owners of Conde Nast) have pulled the plug on their travel blog aggregation network, sending Jaunted,... » continue

Riviera Unplugs, Resorts World Launches Websites

Riviera is closed and the server has been unplugged. Resorts World isn't open and it just launched their new responsive on all devices website. They're rocking the... » continue

Aria Virtually Implodes The Harmon Hotel

Aria has released a new rendering of their hotel. Huh? A new rendering of a hotel that opened seven years ago? The new rendering... » continue

Meet The Cosmopolitans!

Ladies and gentlemen, the first reality television cartoon-u-mentary".... The Cosmopolitans. What happens when the most corrupt bank in the world tries to manage it's own... » continue

Game Review: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

Leisure Suit Larry is back. The lovable loser - who first appeared in a 1987 adventure quest to lose his virginity - has returned,... » continue

Is This The New Website?

Is this the new website? Scroll to the left to view the entire panorama. The triangle looks like a casino branded thong.... the text... » continue

Casino: A Film By Martin Scorcese

I've always wanted a salmon suit. Image courtesy: The Internet via Reddit.... » continue

A Generous Slice of Slow Motion Vegas Sleaze

No this isn't a commercial, but it probably could be... or perhaps the antithesis of the "conquer the world bravado with Bellagio in the background"... » continue

Wynn Launches Nightlife Onanism Internet Website Funnel Thing

The brain trust behind the Wynn nightclub operation have decided that the smart thing to do in this day and age of social marketing is... » continue

This American Life Takes On Card Counting

This American Life takes on blackjack and the myth of it being the only beatable game in the casino, if you count cards. Follow these handy... » continue

Bing Gets Casino Property Maps Right

Time to toss all those property maps in the trash. Bing has upgraded their mapping capabilities to include the INTERIOR of many of your favorite... » continue

Wynn Redesigns Website, Again (Really)

The people have spoken and the folks at Wynn Resorts have listened. With lightning speed, they have redesigned and coded a sparkling new version... » continue

Wynn Redesigns Website, Again

Uh oh. Looks like Steve helped with the redesign, too.... » continue

Wynn Unleashes Another Shitty Website

The Wynn Resorts organization, eager to impress the voters of Massachusetts, unfurled a website to promote the proposed Wynn Foxborough resort. The music stirred my bowels... » continue

Gonzo, Gonzo, Gonzo, and Some Bourdain Too

With The Rum Diary pre-roll hype starting to reach fever pitch, venerable skin mag Playboy has fluffed up an astonishing array of articles about our... » continue

Kick Ass:

One of the most frequently asked questions in the history of Las Vegas internets is, "What room should I request?" or some variation thereof. So... » continue

Awesome: Project Neon

Project Neon, a blog dedicated to cataloging and mapping New York City's neon signs, has unleashed a free iPhone app containing the fruits of their... » continue

I Miss The Mob

Bingo. cc: Jim Murren et al. PS. The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic is coming in October! More details will be posted soon!... » continue

Golden Nugget Redesigns Website

As we expected, The Golden Nugget has updated their website, porting over the design they built for their recent purchase and re-branding-in-progress of the old... » continue

ESPN Folds Poker Programming

Last Friday, the U.S. Attorney Generals in New York unleashed sweeping indictments of the top three internet poker websites -, and AbsolutePoker/Ultimate Bet... » continue

All Aboard The Railroad Pass's

Ever been to the Railroad Pass casino on Boulder Highway in Henderson? Don't worry, neither has Jim Murren, the CEO of the company that... » continue

There's Gold In Them Thar Internet Poker Rooms!

Let us mark today - March 24, 2011 - as the day that the brick and mortar casino companies got serious about gaming on the... » continue

What Brian Thinks : Closing

Some of you have heard the bad news that Trippies award-winning website/forum - the only website written on a cocktail napkin - has decided... » continue

Cosmopolitan Mobile Website Launches!

Just a quick note to those of you tuned into the iDevice/Android/mobile of your choice world. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas has launched its Flash-free... » continue

The Vegas Shuffle Podcast

There's a (relatively) new podcast in town and it is hosted by none other than Anthony N. Curtis. No, not the legendary coupon slinging... » continue

Cosmopolitan To Launch Mobile Site

The Cosmopolitan is on the verge of launching a new mobile targeted version of their Trippies Award Winning Website which will be located at They... » continue

Set Your Netflix to Vegas Overload

We here at VT love Netflix. No, not the snail mail, "I'll gladly give you a DVD tomorrow if you send me your previous... » continue

Twitter Racketeering For Fun And Profit

Suddenly, with the pitching of a pet peeve the size of a pebble, the tenuous world of the so called "Twitter Twins" - brothers Chris... » continue

Stratosphere's New Print Ad

The Stratosphere has taken out a half page ad in the Los Angeles Times touting their new goodness.... the tagline: Elevate your Expectations Accurate!... » continue

MGM PR Rewrites Jim Murren's Wikipedia Entry

It is a popular thing to bash Wikipedia. It is often unreliable, contains strangely sourced information and when accurate isn't always thorough. While... » continue


I hate booking airline tickets. Hate. Hate. Hate. Hate it. My local metropolis is served by four airports with different airlines 30 miles away... » continue

Circus Circus Gets Cutesy

Here's one for the UI / web design dorques in the crowd, courtesy of Circus Circus. Check it or use it. I almost half expect... » continue

Bellagio Debuts New Website

Bellagio has launched a brand new for 2010 website, almost three years to the day since they launched the last one (that sucked.) This one... well...... » continue

Mini Tycoon Casino : Farmville For Casino Dorques

No doubt all of you have been barraged by "please water my crops" and "Mary Jo just found a brown fox on her farm" messages... » continue

RateVegas Launches VegasQuiz for iPhone

Yeah, yeah we know. "But this has been in the App Store for the last X days." Well, not everyone is tuned into... » continue

Aria Reboots Website

Aria has rebooted its website. Gone is the dark blue city scape, replaced by lovely brown interiors and readable fonts. Yes, they've... » continue

FF: JimMurren

A few weeks ago, our cozy circle of Twitter dorques became aflutter at the news that the one and only James 'Jim' 'Jimbo' Murren, CEO... » continue

I'll Bet You Ten Bucks...

How many times have you instigated a friendly wager amongst online acquaintances? If you've spent any time whatsoever reading this website, you know that... » continue

International Grand Opening Invitation on eBay

Here's a big time score for you Vegas collector nuts, an original invitation to the Grand Opening of the International Hotel and Casino (now the... » continue

Aria Breeze Cafe and Pool Deck Pictorial

One of our favorite architecture/design blogs Contemporist has republished a great pictorial of the many groovy architectural features in, on, near and around Aria's pool... » continue

Palms Launches New Website

Sometime in the last month or so, The Palms has launched a brand new website, chock full of flashy insanity. The logo also appears to have... » continue

Rio Uses VT To Fight Dirty

Ugh. When will this stop? Shortly after we broke the news that Wynn would be implementing a resort fee, Caesars Palace was quick to throw a... » continue

Dr. Dave and Casino Twitter Usage

Ah, the early(ish) days of Twitter. The days when The Admiral actually scored the brilliantly simple handle of @Hunter (he was the 903rd person to... » continue

MGM Grand Launches Roaring New Website!

The standard bearer for 'bitchin' Las Vegas casino websites, Tha' MGM Grand, has launched a new one which roars like the coug that it... » continue

Hard Rock Launches Awesome New Website

The Hard Rock has launched a brand new website, which is... well... pretty f'ing awesome (unless you use one of those hotly discussed fruit company... » continue

Monte Carlo: Your Gateway To Failure

VT reader Antman73 gave us the heads up on Monte Carlo's much-needed website redo over on the board. Now, I'm no web design expert, but... » continue

A Precedent For Wynncore

By now, most of you are aware of that little argey bargey we had with Wynn Resorts' lawyer goons over the domain name last... » continue

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