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Wayne F. Newton

New Feature Posted: Wayne's World - Inside Casa De Shenandoah

Just a note to those tuned into the Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds that we've posted a new feature article, Misnomer's recap of... » continue

For Sale: Wayne F. Newton's House (Again)

Poor Wayne Fucking Newton. Between bankruptcy, IRS indebtedness, not paying his helicopter pilot, MGM garnishing his wages, Stardust closing, his reality tv show... » continue

Yet Another Reason Why We Call Him Wayne Fucking Newton

Our old pal Wayne F. Newton is at it again.... no he didn't get a job opening doors at the Riviera... he's being accused of... » continue

Where Are They Now Dept.: Wayne F. Newton

There was a time, not all that long ago, when a certain Wayne Fucking Newton asked for and received multi-million dollar contracts to secure his... » continue

Wayne Fucking Newton Is Debt Free!

Wayne Fucking Newton recently told local Las Vegas TV reporter Alicia Jacobs that he is debt free, settling $28,000,000 in lawsuits for $400,000. Yes. He... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Gets Reality Show On WE Network

Not sure how we managed to miss the announcement that our hero, Mr. Wayne F. Newton has landed a reality show on the WE network,... » continue

Wayne F. Newton : 19 Times Before He Goes

The Tropicana has announced that Wayne Fucking Newton's run of shows, titled "Once More Before I Go" will be closing in April. The final date that... » continue

Money Management 101 with Wayne F. Newton

Las Vegas legend and temporarily current Tropicana headliner Mr. Wayne Fucking Newton is at it again. The Sun is reporting that "moving vans accompanied by official-looking... » continue

Wayne: The Stache Is Back!

Nearly five years ago, we launched an online petition to get Wayne Fucking Newton to bring back the pimp stache, and according to the Las... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Coming To The Trop?

According to Mike Weatherford at the Review Journal, everyones favorite hero/punching bag, Mr. Wayne Fucking Newton might be working in the only classic Vegas showroom... » continue

Wayne Newton, meet AirQuote Wayne Newton endAirQuote

The other conundrum in a hair helmet - Wayne Fucking Newton is back on the road and wagging his chin at local reporters again. ... » continue

The End of The Road For Wayne F. Newton?

Mr. Las Vegas on The Las Vegas Strip, er... The Wayne Newton's Career Memorial Highway. Every few years, we are compelled to ask the question... is... » continue

Happy Birthday Wayne F. Newton!

Today is Wayne Fucking Newtons 67th birthday! Haaaaaaaaaapy Birthday Wayner! I wonder what is on his birthday list this year. Cash in an envelope, small bills,... » continue

MGM Grand Sues Wayne F. Newton Inc.

Will someone please recommend a proper accountant/financial manager to Wayne F. Newton already? Looks like Wayne (d/b/a Desert Eagle LLC... seriously!) forgot to pay his helicopter... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Is Back!

Our hero, Wayne F. Newton is back with a brand new website and the announcement that he will be performing a number of week long... » continue

Idol's Archuleta : The New Wayne F. Newton

Followers of American Idol may remember salt-and-peppered Joe Cocker meets Michael McDonald soul patrolster Taylor Hicks. He won the big TV talent contest show... » continue

Wayne Newton : Third Plastic Wonder of the World

Frankly, i'm not sure how to preface this op-ed piece from which, in theory at least, is about allowing a third riverboat casino to... » continue

Yet Another Dancing With The Wayne Review

The Prancing With The Stars tour brought its dog and pony show to Jacksonville, Florida this week and once again our hero Wayne Fucking Newton... » continue

Meanwhile, On The Dancing With The Stars Tour...

Our friend and hero - Wayne Fucking Newton is currently farting around the country singing a handful of his old chestnuts as part of the... » continue

Wayne Newton Tells off Deceased Johnny Carson

Vegas legend, Wayne Fucking Newton showed up on preservative filled TV talker Larry King's CNN gabfest to talk about his illness, Dancing With The Stars... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Cancels Dancing With The Stars Tour and Vegas Holiday Run Due To Heart Condition

We've got some sad news to report... our hero, Las Vegas legend Wayne F. Newton has been forced to cancel his holiday run at Harrah's... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Ill, Cancels Canadian Shows

A very sad note today about our dear friend Wayne F. Newton. Apparently, Mr. Las Vegas has had to cancel two shows at the... » continue

More Wayne F Newton Flak

Got another "why do you call Wayne names?" email today. Little do these folks know that we don't give a shit. We've... » continue

Wayne F. Newton Dances His Way Out of America's Hearts

Wayne Fucking Newton and his dancing partner were given the boot from ABC's Dancing With The Stars, but not before donning a clip on pony-tail... » continue

Wayne Fucking Newton to Compete on Dancing With The Stars

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Fucking Newton will be a contestant on the next installment of reality competition program 'Dancing With... » continue

Wayne Fucking Newton Back At Harrahs Until 7/7/7

Your pal and ours... MR. LAS VEGAS - also known as Wayne 'Fucking' Newton is back at Harrah's for an extended visit. Wayne, who... » continue

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