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Peekaboo: The Steve Lays Big Pipe at Wynn Plaza

Construction on Wynn Plaza, a Strip-facing shopping esplanade which will connect the former Ferrari dealership with the forthcoming ālon resort at the stairway entrance at... » continue

Peeping Wynn Plaza

While at Wynn over the weekend, I did a little snooping around the future Wynn Plaza area and recorded it on video. Check it out: I noticed... » continue

Wynn Building Strip Facing Fountain Show

Wynn Las Vegas has drained the lake outside of the Wynn Esplanade and have installed a massive array of movable jets and lights in the... » continue

Truth In Advertising Dept.: Wynn Messes Up The Pips On Dice Again

We've told them once, we've told them a thousand times... Obviously, those are not regulation dice. The pips are all wrong, they're glowing white... » continue

Sayonara Encore Chambered Casino

The opening of Wynn Macau in 2007 ushered in a new era in intimate casino design - the chambered casino. The Steve touted the chambered... » continue

Peep The Encore Players Club

Aloha! Encore unveiled their latest casino upgrade yesterday, a casual gaming pit designed to entice non-gaming millennials to the tables called Encore Players Club, a... » continue

Caption Contest: The Encore Players Club

The forthcoming Encore Player's Club unveiled their logo/marketing last evening (see above.) Naturally, we're going to make fun of it... and you should too.... » continue

Hey Millenials, Grampa Steve Is Building You A Clubhouse!

Y'know the Encore Party Pit thing that we've been talking about for a few months? Well, today Wynn Resorts trotted out the press release... » continue

Peekaboo: The Encore Party Pit

Mr. Giggles just sent us a photo of the construction walls at the forthcoming "Party Pit" at Encore. Take a look: To help orient yourself... » continue

More Intrigue at Wynn

Wynn Resorts has trademarked the term "Intrigue" under the category "Restaurant, bar and cocktail lounge services." They've also registered @intrigueLV on Twitter... zero tweets, zero followers,... » continue

Make Your Own Steve Wynn Guitar Sweater

Just before Garth Brooks played his final show at the Encore Theater, Steve Wynn appeared in a photo with the singer wearing a ridiculous Rock... » continue

Why Is Wynn Begging Customers For Trip Advisor Reviews?

Shouldn't Las Vegas' self-proclaimed pinnacle property, one that treats all guests as if they were a Michelin inspector, be above concern for the random poop... » continue

The Steve Brags About Tightening Wynn's Casino

On the most recent episode of The Steve Wynn Show, The Steve took 5 minutes out of the Wynn Resorts Q2 Conference Call (which doubles... » continue

Guest Editorial: La La La La , I Can't Hear You by Steve Wynn— Jeff scheid (@Jlscheid) May 6, 2015 La la la la, I can't hear you! I can't hear a word you're saying. What? Oh, I'm... » continue

The Steve Wynn Show: Steve Hints At New Vegas Property

In today's episode of The Steve Wynn Show, Steve - bedecked in the lovely blue blazer he wore in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 -... » continue

Wynn: The Year of the Ram, Indeed

Speaking of collections, the coming and going of Chinese New Year means one thing - the collectable Chinese New Year chips at Wynn have been... » continue

Architectural Digest Profiles Steve Wynn's New NYC Apartment

The March 2014 issue of Architectural Digest features a stunning eight page pictorial of Steve Wynn's new apartment in New York City. The apartment, designed by... » continue

Sayonara: Wynn $8 Chinese New Year Chips

Sadly, the slightly oversized and gloriously collectible Wynn $8 Chinese New Year Chips have been discontinued. Every year since 2006, Wynn has created... » continue

Steve Wynn Taps 49-Year-Old Real Housewife With Natural Breasts For 1920's Rap Music Burlesque Spectacular

The New York Post's Page Six is reporting that someone named Sonja Morgan, described as a 49-year-old Real Housewife, is bringing a burlesque show to... » continue

Hell Hath No Fury Dept: Elaine Cogitates Steve Dickpunch

Bloomberg Businessweek is reporting that the once and current ex-Mrs. Steve Wynn, the luscious and glowing Ms. Elaine Wynn is has moved in Federal court... » continue

Wynn Unveils Everett Renderings

After a six long hard years of economic crisis casting cannonballs at the bows of the highest and mightiest of casino corporations, it appears that... » continue

Marilyn Winn Spiegel, Third President of Wynn Las Vegas, Leaves

Nearly two years to the day since she ascended to the mohair decked halls of Steve Wynn's eponymous resort, Marilyn Winn Spiegel, in a surprise... » continue

Old News Dept: The Allegro Signage and Logo

Between doing our Atlantic City Tripping and working on upgrading the technical underpinnings of this award winning website and a handful of other ones which... » continue

EDM Superstar David Guetta Tours Wynn & Encore

Join world famous DJ David Guetta as he gives a tour of Wynn & Encore. ... » continue

Elaine Wynn Lawsuit Suggested Amendments

Elaine Wynn, the twice-former wife of Las Vegas mogul Steve Wynn, has joined a lawsuit against Wynn Resorts, seeking to alter a shareholder agreement that... » continue

Up Close With The The Roger Thomas Jewelry Collection

Legendary designer Roger Thomas, the man responsible for nearly everything you love about Wynn & Encore and the man whose lasting vision can still be... » continue

Wynn Esplanade Welcomes Chopard and Chloe

A quick update to the changes to the Wynn Esplanade we reported on back in March. Wynn has leased out the former Jo Malone space to... » continue

Wynn Closes Signature Shop And More

VT superpal JakeZ is back once again with your regularly scheduled update about whats happening at Wynn. He tells us that the Wynn... » continue

Making Sense Of

By now you've probably heard that Wynn Las Vegas has launched a new website. The reaction on The Board has been overwhelmingly negative. Rightly so. Remember... » continue

Tower Suites: Private Elevators Aren't Enough

Shortly after Surrender opened, the security detail outside Encore's Tower Suites beefed up. On more than a few occasions, I didn't just have to flash... » continue

Wynn Promo: Dual Queens Now Available!

I'm that guy that got excited when planes started charging a little more for exit row - finally, a guarantee for the extra comfort. In... » continue

The Steve Leaks Wynn Cotai Rendering

Oooops. Steve Wynn has accidentally leaked a photo of what appears to be Wynn Cotai. Wynn, appearing in his office to record a heartwarming... » continue

Steve Wynn To Occupy The New Frontier

Moments ago, in response to a reporter question about Occupy Wall Street, Steve Wynn made a dramatic announcement that the owners of the former New... » continue

Even More Wynn Renovations In The Pipeline

With new rooms, new Tower Suites accommodations, a new baccarat salon, and a new high limit slot room in the works, you'd think we'd have... » continue

The Only Billboard, I've Ever Signed My Name To

It's the only billboard, Steve Wynn has ever signed his name to. Thanks to VT tipster JakeZ for the pic.... » continue

Peekaboo: Wynn's New Fairway Villas

VT reader JakeZ tipped us off on The Board that Wynn has ported its namesake magazine to a digital platform. Loaded with glamorous ads, self-promoting... » continue

Chef Alex Stratta Leaving Wynn

Long time VT friend and one of our favorite local food writers, Brock Radke, has the news - via the Weekly - that Michelin starred... » continue

Wynn Tightens Slots, Reorganizes Floor

When we hear that Wynn Las Vegas has re-organized its multiple Trippies winning slot floor, we sit up and take notice. We knew... » continue

Wynn Hires New Social Media Expert

We've received an as yet unconfirmed tip that Wynn Resorts has hired former Crystals at City Center social media specialist Kathy Olson to take the... » continue

Is @WynnLasVegas #dead?

So, it has been a coupla months since the head of Wynn Las Vegas' social media program - along with most of the rest of... » continue

The Steve Wynn Show : Las Veganism Uncork'd

Famous Vegan icon - not a misspelling - Mr. Steve Wynn helped host a panel all about Veganism during this years Uncork'd culinary blowout sponsored... » continue

Wynn Executives: Where Are They Now?

Perhaps the first domino in the exodus of Wynn Resorts executives and the young face constantly walking around Wynncore, Andrew Pascal resigned from his position... » continue

Wynn Wipes The Shit Off Their Fan

Update: Beyond any reasonable doubt, things got odd after I published the account of my recent stay at Wynn Las Vegas. At 7:30 p.m.... » continue

The Wynn Exodus Continues ^JB

The changing of the guard continues at Wynn Las Vegas as Jade Bailey-Assam person responsible for creating, managing and maintaining Wynn's interactive marketing programs for... » continue

Winn Las Vegas Sportsbook Posts Odds On Next Notable Resignation

Winn Las Vegas bookmaker Johnny Avello* has posted odds to the big board for who the next notable resignation will be from within the walls... » continue

The New Wynn $8 Chips

Wynn Las Vegas is now stocking the brand new for 2011, Year of The Rabbit $8 baccarat chips. Like previous years, they are a... » continue

Steve Wynn Is Dead

Steve Wynn is dead.* I repeat, Steve Wynn, legendary casino magnate whose influence upon Las Vegas over the last 40 years only pales in comparison to... » continue

As Jokes Turn Into Reality, Morale Takes A Tumble at Wynn

Job security. Good, genuine customer service is rooted in job security and Steve Wynn has made absolutely no secret in declaring that his properties are... » continue

Jennifer Dunne Leaves Wynn

I just received an email from Jennifer Dunne, Wynn Resorts' VP of PR and Advertising announcing that she has resigned her position at Wynn Las... » continue

WOW - Southwest Unleashes Wynn and Encore Packages

Southwest Airlines just this very minute have unleashed a brand new Wynn / Encore package deals. If you live in a locale which is... » continue

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