The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic

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Schedule of Events

Fri Oct 16

3pm Golden Gate

The Opening Ceremony

11:59pm American Coney at The D

FiveHundog Eating Contest

Judged by Tim & Michele on style, not quantity.

Sat Oct 17

2pm The Showroom at The D

The Main Event

Live on one stage!
 The Vegas Gang
 Dr. David G. Schwartz
 Five Hundy By Midnight
 VegasTripping Match Game

Sun Oct 18

2pm The Showroom at The D


Live Bingo! with:
 Admiral Hillegas and The Bingo! Cheaters
 You Can Bet On That
 Denton Dallas and Beyond
 VIMFP All-St*rs

3:30pm (immediately after Bingo!) The D

The Closing Ceremony