The Vegas Internet Mafia Family Picnic

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Schedule of Events

Fri Oct 16

2pm Bar Prohibition at Golden Gate

Ice Breaker - first timers and everyone!

3pm Golden Gate

The Opening Ceremony

5pm Vintage Casino at The D

The 777th Running of the VIMFPTUCKY Derby (Prelims)

VIMFP Signature, private Sigma Derby tournament. Rules and reservation details forthcoming.

9pm Longbar at The D

The World Series of Satin Casino Jackets

Strut your stuff in your best satin casino style.

10pm The Showroom at The D

The Undercard

11:59pm American Coney at The D

FiveHundog Eating Contest

Judged by Tim & Michele on style, not quantity.

Sat Oct 17

2pm The Showroom at The D

The Main Event

Live on one stage!
 The Vegas Gang
 Dr. David G. Schwartz
 Five Hundy By Midnight
 VegasTripping Match Game

TBD Vintage Casino at The D

Finals - The 777th Running of the VIMFPTUCKY Derby

The final rounds, immediately following the Main Event.

Sun Oct 18

10am High Limit at The Golden Gate

The VIMFP Hangover Casino Challenge Cup

A live, cash money, multi-table, multi-game casino tournament. Details about rules, buy-in, game selection and reservations will be posted as we get closer to the event.

2pm The Showroom at The D


Live Bingo! with:
 Admiral Hillegas and The Bingo! Cheaters
 You Can Bet On That
 Denton Dallas and Beyond
 VIMFP All-St*rs

3:30pm (immediately after Bingo!) The D

The Closing Ceremony