Big Six : How To Play : Wheels

The original wheel of fortune... Big Six is a pretty simple game to comprehend and a nearly impossible game to win at. There are much better odds to be found in the casino, but sometimes we just can't resist throwing a dollar on the high payout numbers just to see what happens.

Big Six Rules

A large spinning wheel is mounted vertically on a spindle, much like a bicycle rim. The wheel is divided into small sections demarced for monetary denominations ($1, $2, $5, $10, $20) plus a Joker and another wild card spot which is usually the name of the casino. The player places a wager on the table on the denomination they desire, the croupier spins the wheel. If the wheel stops on your number, you win. If it dosen't you lose. Simple eh?

Big Six Payouts

Bet | Payout $1 - 1:1
$2 - 2:1
$5 - 5:1
$10 - 10:1
$20 - 20:1
Joker - 40:1
Casino - 40:1

Why You Shouldn't Play Big Six

The odds here are very much not in your favor. The break down of the wheels 54 numbers are as such:

Bet | # of Spaces for that number
$1 - 24
$2 - 15
$5 - 7
$10 - 4
$20 - 2
Joker - 1
Casino - 1

Big Six House Advantage

True odds for Big Six are (roughly):

$1 - 2:1
$2 - 3.5:1
$5 - 7.5:1
$10 - 13:1
$20 - 26:1
Joker - 54:1
Casino - 54:1

So even if you do happen to hit on these numbers, the casino is taking a chunk of your winnings already by the way their payouts are structured. The house advantage for this game ranges from 11% for $1 to 24% for the Joker and Casino bets.

Our advice - stay away from this game unless you got a couple dollars to throw away and some screaming and hollaring to get out of your system. If you do happen to have some dollars to throw away, why not spend it on some strategy books for casino games you can actually beat in the Players Library.