BlackJack : How to Play : Cards

BlackJack aka 21 is one of the most popular games in the casino, and one of the few games where the player, with careful study and practice, can actually tip the house advantage in their favor. More words have been written about BlackJack than any other casino game (with the exception of Poker, but there are thousands of Poker games).

This Blackjack players guide, in conjunction with some of the books in the Vegas Tripping Players Library and some dedicated study will nearly guarantee the Player success at the blackjack table (provided you don't get kicked out for being too good). We'll cover the basics of playing blackjack, basic strategy, card counting and some other tips for having a great and successful trip to the casino. Get yourself a fresh deck of cards and shuffle up.

The Vegas Tripping Blackjack guide is seperated into three sections:

- Blackjack for Beginners: How To Play
- Blackjack Basic Strategy
- Advanced Blackjack: How to Count Cards

Blackjack for Beginners : How To Play

It's amazing how many people think that the object of BlackJack is to get 21. We've all seen many spy movies where the debonair protagonist hits on 19, pulls a deuce, rakes in the money and a bevy of luscious eastern european babes fall in his lap. Just once i'd love to see a damsel say to Mr. Secret Agent: 'You hit on 19? You schmuck!' , baste him in a Gin & Tonic, then go home with the basic-strategy-playing, cigar-chomping fat guy with the huge stacks of chips in front of him. So why do I waste your time with this nonsense? To tell you one thing:

The object of BlackJack is to Beat The Dealer.

There are infinite rules variations for blackjack, but we're going to focus this study on the most common version of BlackJack you're likely to encounter - multiple-deck Vegas-Style blackjack where the Dealer stands on all 17s, the player can split pairs up to 4 Times, Double Down after split is allowed, and the player can Double Down on any two cards and Surrender is allowed. Don't worry if you don't know what all of this means right now, you'll understand by the time we're done.