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Another poker specialty game in the same family as Let It Ride and Three Card Poker, Caribbean Stud was invented by Progressive Games Incorporated (PGI) in 1993. PGI was aquired in 1998 by The Mikohn Gaming Corporation developers of Monopoly Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Caribbean Draw Poker and Tre' Card Stud, as well as the Yahtzee! Slot Machines. Caribbean Stud is one of the many new table poker relatives that have been creeping onto casino floors in the last 10 years or so. Caribbean Stud, however is slightly different from the others... some table versions are part of a Progressive Jackpot which are networked electronically (sort of like a table game version of Quartermania).

How To Play

Play starts when each player makes an ante bet in the [ ANTE ] square (on some tables this is illustrated as the lid of a treasure chest. Each player is then dealt five cards, face down. Players are not allowed to share their cards with other players. The dealer is also dealt five cards, four of which are face down and the last, face up.

After examining their cards, the player has two choices: either RAISE their bet or FOLD their hand. If the player chooses to RAISE, the player places 2x their [ ANTE ] bet in the box marked [ RAISE ] (also illustrated as the base of a treasure chest on some tables). If the player decides to FOLD, they give up their cards and the dealer collects their ANTE bet.

After all players complete the RAISE or FOLD decision, the dealer turns over their own cards. For the game to continue, the dealer must QUALIFY (having at least an Ace and King in their hand - Big Slick for you Hold Em players out there)

If the dealer fails to QUALIFY, then all ANTE bets still on the table are paid EVEN money, and all RAISE bets are PUSHED and returned to the player.

If the dealer QUALIFIES (has at least an Ace-King in their hand) then each individual players hand is played against the dealer's hand, and the winning poker hand wins and is paid according to the Pay Schedule (see below).

Unlike regular poker, there is no community POT (unless you bring some and roll your own...). Each players hand is played against the dealers hand individually.

  • If the dealers beats the players hand: both the ANTE and RAISE bets are lost and collected by the dealer.
  • If the dealer and players hands are EQUAL: both ANTE and RAISE bets push, and are returned to the player.
  • If the player beats the dealer: the ANTE pays even money to the original bet, and the RAISE bet pays according to the Pay Schedule.

Simple eh? Kinda like poker, but kinda not like poker.

Pay Schedule:

Hand | Payoff
Royal Flush - 100 to 1
Straight flush - 50 to 1
4 of a kind - 20 to 1
Full house - 7 to 1
Flush - 5 to 1
Straight - 4 to 1
3 of a kind - 3 to 1
Two pair - 2 to 1
Pair - 1 to 1
Ace/King - 1 to 1

How To Win - Caribbean Stud Basic Strategy

RAISE on any pair or better
FOLD on anything less than Ace-King (Hold Em's Big Slick)

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