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Craps. The most complex game in the casino, but easiest for beginners to get started on. The object is simple, bet on numbers, roll the dice in hopes of hitting the numbers before you roll a 7. You hit numbers, you win. You don't hit numbers you lose. Thats Craps in a nutshell. Out of the nutshell however craps is a multileveled gaggle of bet processes, each with different rules, odds and payouts multiplied by each player at the table. There is so much to keep track of on a craps table that the beginner can be overwhelmed by its layout and payouts. We'll make it easy.

Let's go play some craps.

The Layout

Oh my look at all that. You're proably saying how can i remember all that stuff? One thing at a time. Most of this stuff you probably aren't even going to bet on.

The Craps layout is organized into two areas:

The larger Place Bets area containing
- The Pass Line
- Come Bets
- Field Bets
- Place Bets (4,5,six,8,nine and 10)
- Big 6 and Big 8
- Don't Pass Bar
- Don't Come Bar.

These betting areas are paid out by the standing Dealers on either end of the table. Both the right and left sides of the table are identical.

The smaller Hardways/One Roll Bet area in the center of the table contains:
- Hardways Bets
- One Roll Bets
- C and E bets

The Hardways/One Roll area is administered by the Stickman, who places bets correctly and signals to the appropriate Dealer to pay out winning bets. The Stickman calls the game and corrals and oversees the dice during play. A fourth casino employee, the Boxman is seated in the center of the table accross from the dealer. The Boxman (usually an older gentleman dressed in sport jacket) is in charge of the casino's bank of chips and makes all final decisions in the event there is a discrepancy on payout or other grievance.

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