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Basic Play - Place Bets

A new shooter gets the dice and rolls an 8. The Point (8) being established, the dealer moves the Buck to the 8 box on the layout (see above). As mentioned before, it is now the shooters goal to roll an 8 before rolling a 7. Now if that were the only bet on the craps table, the game would be somewhat dull and not nearly as much money could be made... or lost. The second level of basic play is the Place Bet a place bet, is a bet that is placed on an individual number (4, 5, six, 8, nine or 10). The object of this bet is to roll a Placed Bet number before rolling the 7 that will end the turn. To place a Place Bet simply place the appropriate betting amount (more about this later) on the felt in front of you and say to the dealer "Six, please" (or whatever number you chose). The dealer will take your chips and place them in the Six box in a position that represents physically where you are standing at the table. This is how the dealers keep track of who bets on what on the table. Experienced dealers will remember how you play and automatically place your bets for you once you drop your chips. Still it is the duty of the player to make sure the dealer is placing and paying your bets properly. It is worth noting that Place bets can be taken down by the player at any time. Simply say to the dealer 'Down on my 8." Your bets will then be turned off.

Payout for Place Bets:
4 & 10 : 9 to 5
5 & 9 : 7 to 5
6 & 8 : 7 to 6

What does this mean? If you hit a 4 or 10, you get paid 9 for every 5 you bet. If you hit a 5 or 9 you get paid 7 for every 5 you bet. If you hit a 6 or 8, you get paid 7 for every six you bet.

Basic Play - Field Bets - Big 6 | Big 8

Field bets are one roll bets on an array of numbers (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12) that pay even money, with the exception of 2 and 12 which pay double.

Big 6 and Big 8 bets are multiroll bets where the player is betting on a 6 or 8 to come before a 7 (depending on which number you place your bet on). This is very similar to a 6 or 8 place bet except that it pays even money, whereas the place bet pays 7-6. You're better off laying the extra dollar on a place bet for better odds.

Basic Play - Come Bets

The Come Bet behaves similarly to a Pass Line bet. It can be placed on the table at any time, regardless of whether or not a Point has been established. A Come Bet starts when a player places a wager in the Come bar in front of them. The next roll is the Come Out roll for that come bet, and much like a Pass Line Come Out roll if a 7 or 11 is rolled the player wins even money to their wager. If 2, 3 or 12 (craps) are rolled the player loses and the Come bet is collected. If any other number is rolled, the Come Bet moves to the number that has been rolled. The player is betting that the Come Bet number will be rolled before a 7. Much like a Pass Line bet, players can put Odds on their Come Bets in accordance with the casinos maximum odds rule. If a Pass Line point is made, the Come Bets are still on the table but odds are not On during the new Come Out Roll. To maximize your payout on the table, tell the dealers that you want your Odds working on the Come Out roll.

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