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Basic Play - Hardways Bets | One Roll Bets

We now move our attention to the Hardways | One Roll Bet portion of the table in front of the Stickman. As the name implies, there are two types of bets here, Hardways Bets and One Roll Bets. The minimum bet for these are usually $1 (or less if the minimums are lower than $5).

Hardways Bets

The Hardways are bets that the shooter is going to make an given number (4, 6, 8, 10) the hard way before the easy way. A hardway is essentially doubles. Hard 4 is 2-2 (easy way being 3 -1), Hard 6 is 3-3 (easy being 5-1, 4-2) and so on. A Hardways bet stays on the table until its Easyway is rolled, the Hardway is Hit and paid, or the shooter 7s out. Hardway bets generally are off on come out rolls (unless you say to the dealer Hardways are working!). These bets payoff according to the odds on the table.

One Roll Bets

One Roll Bets are bets on the next roll of the dice. These bets include:
- Craps 2 : Pays 30-1
- Craps 3 (aka Ace-Deuce) : Pays 15-1
- Seven : Pays 4-1
- Eleven (aka Yo! and Yo-Leven : Pays 15-1
- Craps 12 : Pays 30-1
- Any Craps (2, 3, 12) : Pays 7-1

The Horn Bet is a bet of at least $1 on each 2, 3, 11, 12. Payoffs are the same as if you bet each number individually.

The C and E bets (aka Craps-Eleven) are $1 one-roll bets - C for any craps, E for Eleven. C pays 3:1 and E pays 7:1. These are known as slow bleed bets... you figure it out.

Lastly there is the Hop Bet which there is no marker for on the table. Basically you call what the dice are going to be and the dealer will lay your bet based on verbal agreement. Payouts vary depending on the number you call... this is one of the worst bets to make at the craps table.

Don't Pass | Don't Come

These bets are essentially bets against the shooter. That they will not get the point before a seven comes out. The Don't Pass operates the same way as a Pass Line bet does, and the Don't Come bet operates the same way as a Come Bet does. Prepare for dirty looks of you bet the Don't Bets.


So you've covered the entire spectrum of Craps bets... the next step is learing different betting strategies, how to maximize your gaming stake and how to maximize your profits and minimize losses at the Craps table. Now would be a great time to get out some dice, chips and test out a little of what you learned.

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Good Luck!