Craps : Etiquette and Lingo : Dice

What to do if...

You win a bet:
Wait until the dealer has paid the bet to your left before you pick up your winnings. Additionally, wait until the dealer has paid all bets before tossing out new bets (unless your bet is "Press" or "Buy").

It is your turn to throw the dice:
The stickman will empty the dice boat and push all six dice toward you in a "dice convoy." You then select the two dice you would like to play with, the stickman will rake the unused dice and return them to the boat. The following things are not allowed when you are holding the dice: moving the dice out of the view of the table (in your pockets, palming them while taking a drink, holding them off the table etc) you must not "blow" or put the dice up to your mouth, you must not put the dice in your chip rack.

After selecting the dice, it is a good idea to scan the length of the table to make sure that all hands are up (see CRAPS VOODOO FACT #264) then toss them the length of the table. The dice must travel at least 3/4 of the length of the table, preferably to hit the pyramid rubber at the far end. The best strategy for chukking dice is to keep it simple... do your little number arrangement and good luck felt tapping quickly and give them a hurl. Congratulations, you just threw the dice.

The Dealer forgets to pay, mis-calculates or snatches a winning bet:
Politely ask the dealer "Wasn't that a winner?" or "Is that the right payout?" if so he'll pay you gladly, if not he'll explain why. Do not instantly escalate errors to a United Nations Tribunal, ask politely... this will keep you from looking like a dickhead and will keep good Karma at the table. Dealing dice is one of the most difficult jobs in the casino - bending over 20000 times a shift, standing for 8 hours, doing at that math... mistakes will happen, be chill and everything will get taken care of. If the issue is serious and you feel you have been wronged, get the Box Man's attention and explain it to him politely and calmly. Acting like a dick only works against you. Tossing out a working tip for the crew is a good way to help smooth over any ruffled feathers and let the dealers know that you're all on the up and up.

You're ready to leave the table:
Between rolls, take the stack of chips left in your rack and put them in front of you (not on the layout) and say to the stick man "Color me up please." He'll take your stack of chips, move them to the center of the layout where the Box Man will count and verify your total, they will exchange your chips for higher denominations and slide them back to you. Grab them and split.

Craps Lingo

First off, lets talk about the dice - some folks call them cubes or bones or boxes or even nuts. Well when you toss these babys down the table the eventually come to a stop on the felt with a coupla numbers facing skyward. These numbers, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 have a slew of nick names. Check em out.

- Snake Eyes
- Aces
- Deuce
- Pebbles
- Eyeballs

- Ace Deuce
- Three Craps
- One Two

- Four
- Four Easy
- Four Hard (Double Deuce)
- Deuces (hardways)

- Fever
- Thirty-two
- Twenty-Three
- Ivan
- Five Alive
- No Field Five

- Six Easy
- Six Hard
- She-hix
- Thirty-Three (hardways)
- Forty-two
- Twenty-four

- Winner Seven
- Seven Out

- Eight Easy
- Eight Hardways
- Fourty-Four (hardways) - Square Pair (hardways)

Centerfield Nine

Easy Tina
Ten Easy
Ten Hard


Full Boat

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