Let It Ride : How To Play : Cards

Let It Ride is another of the recent poker-related specialty games that have found their way into casinos in since the mid/early 1990s. The game was invented by John Breeding, an 'energetic entrepreneur from Minnesota with a large measure of perseverance.' John Breeding is the founder of Shuffle Master global purveyors of automatic card shufflers. Let It Ride was invented to help spur the sales of said devices (which can be seen attached to Let It Ride dealer tables everywhere.) Shuffle Master also gets a nice chunk of casino cash through the licensing of this game, as well as Three Card Poker which they bought the rights to in 1998.

Much like Carribean Stud and Three Card Poker, Let It Ride is based on basic 5 card stud or maybe even a 5 card reverse version of Texas Hold 'Em (three hole cards, with community 4th Street and 5th Street cards.) The object of the game is to create the best poker-style hand from the three cards dealt face down to the player and the two community cards dealt to the dealer, turned up one by one. The minimum winning hand for payout is a pair of 10s.

The Layout

The Play

The player places three equivalent bets in the three circles marked: $ | 2 | 1 (see above). The dealer deals three cards, face down, to each of the players and two cards face down in the dealer position. Unlike poker where each round of betting is progressive (adding bets, raising, re-raising etc...) in Let It Ride, betting is subractive. The the player is asked to either remove one of their bets or Let It Ride. The dealer then turns over one card (adding a 4th card to their poker hand, and players are asked to either remove their second bet or Let It Ride. The dealer then turns over the second and final card, and winning hands' bets are paid according to the pay schedule, losing bets are collected.

Hand Pay Scale

Hand Payout
Royal Flush 1000-1
Straight Flush 200-1
Four of a Kind 50-1
Full House 11-1
Flush 8-1
Straight 5-1
Three of a Kind 3-1
Two Pair 2-1
Pair of 10's or Better 1-1


The key to playing Let It Ride is knowing when to pull bets down and when to Let It Ride. Of course the house always wants you to let it ride... thats foolish, you'll get cremed in no time. So when should you pull your bets down and when should you let them ride?

Let Bet #1 Ride If Your Hand Consists Of:

  • A Winner Hand - A Pair of Tens or BETTER
  • Three card straight flush
  • Three card royal flush.

Let Bet #2 Ride If Your Hand Consists Of:

  • A Winner Hand - A Pair of Tens of BETTER
  • A FOUR card straight flush
  • A FOUR card royal flush
  • A FOUR card flush
  • FOUR Cards of 10 or Better
    (A, K, Q, J or 10 - the principle here, much like video poker, is that you have a bunch of outs to make a winning pair hand)
  • A FOUR card open ended straight draw
    (for example: 5, 6, 7, 8 of the same suit. NOT a 5, 6, 8, 9 inside straight draw)


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