100 or Nothing : Slots

The last visit we made to Vegas we stayed at the Luxor. We didn't find Lady Luck to be on our side there, so we took the walkway across the way to the Excalibur. As we wandered through the medieval casino we stumbled across an island of slots titled '100 or Nothing'.

Taking a closer look, we saw that there was nothing but 7's on the reels. The rules were simple: 1 dollar, one spin. If you hit 777, you will $100. Anything else and it's, you guessed it, nothing.

It didn't seem to be a hot machine at all. People were way too caught up in the progressive Wheel of Fortune machines, the current all around favorite. It was an intriguing proposition. No 'max bets', no weird payout schedule, just straight play. We bit.

We fed it a $20. First spin: blank-7-blank. Second: 7-blank-7. Third: blank-blank-blank Forth: 7-7-7. JACKPOT, $100!!!!! We did the right thing and cashed out then and there, but the 100 or Nothing machine did beckon us a couple more times. We won one more and a friend hit it on her second spin. All and all, a good machine for those of you who don't like trying to figure out pay schedules.

That said, we have not seen this machine anywhere else but at the Excalibur, so you would have to make a special trip.