Slot Machine Jackpots Photo Gallery : Slots

Yes, people actually win on slot machines. Here's a gallery of some of the jackpot photos that fellow Trippers have sent to us plus a couple of our own.

If you've got a jackpot photo to share email it to us at: jackpots at vegastripping dot com along with a little description of location, what you won and your VT handle.

VT reader Decemberist hit this 10K winner on a VP machine at ARIA.

Holy crap. VT reader Decemberist hit this monster on a Double Double Bonus Progressive at Wynn.

Jody hit this $2000 winner on a Blazing 7s machine at Mandalay Bay over Memorial Day weekend 2012. Nice!

Mr. K hit this baby at Chumash casino up near Santa Barbara - $2,400 on a $1 Double Diamond five liner. Congrats!

Mrs. Jackpots nailed this $4000 score on a Blazing 7's machine at Paris. Nice one!


VT reader Greg sent us this photo of a recent jackpot he hit at Treasure Island.

Red White & Blue Jackpot at Treasure Island

He says:

I played from $175 down to $150 at $.50 then hit this on the first spin at $.25. Glad I was playing three coins! Hit the second day of our stay at T.I.

Congratulations Greg!