Red, White and Blue : Slots

If you're a fan of classic spinning reel BARs and 7s machines then you are obviously familiar with the Red White & Blue slot machine family. RWBs come in many many varieties, 5x and 10x Pay, WILD, the Rocket Blaster up/downs and co-branded into Wheel of Fortune progressives. Despite the Red, White and Blue logo and seemingly similar action on all RWB machines, they are certainly not created equally. Let's take a look at the overall RWB philosophy and what to expect from some of these variations.

Classic RWB machines consist of the following icons:
Cherry, Bar1, Bar2, Bar3 (in Red, White and Blue respectively) 7red, 7white, 7blue and the everpresent "Nothing" - a blank white space between the icons that the reels sometimes stop at icon.

The average slot machine has 32 stops/reel, with a 3 reel slot machine having an average of 32,000 possible combinations. Most of these combinations being lousy for the player (naturally). So how can you tell which of these Red White and Blue machines is the best for you? Well, here's my completely non-scientific theory on the Red White and Blue slot machines based soley on experience.

Standard 3 and 2 credit RWB machines pay when you get three "nothings", which I like to call 'Gouvno" (don't ask me why, my dad used to say it... "You go to bed and get gouvno!"). These machines also tend to have higher pay schedules for the upper tier of winning spins - BAR2 BAR2 BAR2 and above. If you squint your eyes and compare the two images, stolen directly from manufacturer IGT's website, you'll see that the 7W 7W 7W pays 200 on single credit, but on the "Double" machine it pays only 100. Of course, this isn't a scientific sampling here, just a general survey.

RWB "Double" and "Five Times Pay" and "Ten Times Pay" machines tend to have lower payouts generally, which are theoretically made up by the occasional appearance of a multiplier on the Pay Line. What this means to you: these machines will hit with 'somewhat' the same amount of frequency, but the pay will be less, with the exception of the rare multiplier appearance. You will tend to feed more bills into the machine before it finally pays off (or dosent). Its somewhat akin to taking longshots to SHOW at the racetrack. They may never come in, but on the off chance that they do, you'll make some decent loot.

Another variation of the Red White & Blue slot machine is the Rocket Up/Rocket Down machines. If you get a BAR (Rocket) on the Pay Line, the reels will reset after spin has completed, moving the BAR in the direction the rocket has pointed. I hate these things.

Red White & Blue slots are also found co-branded into Wheel of Fortune machines. I tend to find that, of the Wheel of Fortune machines, these ones tend to have the best payouts pre-progressive. Meaning, you can actually make money without relying on the SPIN to show up. Again, this isn't a scientific sampling.

If i find myself getting the urge to plunk some cash in a slot machine, i tend to go for the Red White and Blue machines. They're fun, they're sustainers and they tend to hit with a decent frequency.

Our Favorite Red White and Blue machines in Vegas:

Palms - stand outside the Tattoo shop and walk straight into the slot bank two rows, make a right walk 20 feet. Bingo.

Stardust - Standing at the North entrance of the Starlight Lounge, walk southward until your view of the stage is blocked by a wall. Make a left. Bingo. (Gone. Stardust is closed).

Golden Nugget - Standing at Casino Cage facing Fremont Street... walk 4 rows into slot area, make left. Machine is 4th in on right.(Gone, they re arranged the casino)