Wheel of Fortune : Slots

Pssst.....hey. Need a fix?

Be careful with the Wheel of Fortune or you could get hooked.

Look, let us be straight with you. The Wheel of Fortune - it can be a motherf-er. It will think nothing of taking every single dollar in your pocket, and send you running back to the surcharge-happy ATM like a little bitch. Stay away from it. We mean it; We do not want to be held responsible for any addictions that could spring up should you venture a spin on the wheel.

Should you brave it, remember, there is help.

Plus, getting at slot at finding one of these fun little machines is not easy on a weekend. The Wheel of Fortune is really just a money sucker, but seriously fun for some strange reason. The theme is obviously taken from popular tv show but here, the deal is to try and gain a chance at the big SPIN where you are guaranteed anywhere from $2 to $4K, depending on denomination. In order to get a shot at the spin you have to play max credits, usually 3, but occassionally 2. If the SPIN hits on the third reel, get ready to scream "Big Money! Big Money' and collect your winnings.

Basically, that is the only way to make money at this machine. There are other payouts, but they are rare and do not have a good payout schedule. The SPIN is the money shot and if you are lucky, like the old dude at our WoF bank of machines at the Stardust, you can hit it over and over and rake in the cash. Or, you can be like us and hit it often enough to give you the extra 100 spins but eventually give it all back, plus.

Regardless, Hot Damn! What a fun machine!