The Vegas Tripping Guide To Video Poker

Video Poker and getting stinking drunk are two activities that seem to go hand in hand. A symbiotic relationship which beckons the question: Which came first "The Bar" or "Video Poker." Our philosophy is one hand washes the other and obviously casino operators agree. Seldomly is a bar in Vegas devoid of Video Poker. In the interest of accuracy, we suggest you go mix yourself a fresh cocktail and join us on the Vegas Tripping survey of Video Poker and its many variations.

Video Poker Kicks Ass

So what is this video poker thang that causes public drunkeness and addiction? Well, video poker is a combination of a slot machine and a five-card draw poker game. Unlike "real" poker, video poker is played by a human against a machine as opposed to human versus human.

Play begins when the player selects a game, then chooses their wager amount. The player is dealt 5 "cards" face up on a video screen, selects which cards they want to Hold (using either the buttons or the touch screen technology) when the player is done selecting HELD cards, they press the DRAW button and are dealt new cards to replace the cards they have chosen to discard. The player is paid according to the ranking of poker hand they get with their final 5 cards. Pretty simple... or maybe not.

Keep in mind that the player is not playing to beat the machines hand - the machine has no hand (except in Video Blackjack and a few other games.) Video Poker is strictly a game of chance, and also unlike "real poker," there is no bluffing, calling, raising or measurable skill involved in it. There is some degree of basic strategy that will help the player, but it probably isn't going to help you win any jackpots, just let you play for a longer time.

Video poker machines generally have 5 or so different variations in them, each of which has unique rules and payoffs (be sure to check out the Pay Schedule on the More Info screen).

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