The Vegas Tripping Guide To Roulette and Big Six

Would you like to buy a f-ing vowel? Uh... nope. Would you like to buy a small island in the Carribean? Thats more like it.

No this ain't about Sajak and Vanna, this is about columns, rows, numbers, blocks, zeros, red, black, and green. So get up off your sofa, turn off the TV, break out that plastic roulette wheel you bought at the gift shop and spinning the REAL WHEEL of FORTUNE.

A Short Roulette Poem
Zero or Double Zero
Little white ball won't you be my hero
All I ask is to miss the slot
Where the mortgage payment is not...

Poetic digressions aside, few casino games are as mis-understood as Roulette, and the casinos know it. In fact they propgate Roulette mythology by having that gigantic lightboard that shows the last 15 numbers that have come up. The thought process is simple and seemingly logical - if three "black" numbers have come out in a row, the chances are pretty high that a red will come out next. Well... nope.

Grab a coin. Look at it. Its got a "head" and a tail. Flip it. Heads? Tales? Flip it again. Heads? Tales? Flip it again. Heads? Tales? Every time you flip the coin there is a 50% chance it will be heads and a 50% chance it will be tales. The coin does not remember what has been tossed before and adjust its odds accordingly. Every spin of the roulette wheel is independent - historically - from all previous plays and spins. Ignore the light board... it's a scam to get you to bet based on false logic.

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