Best of Las Vegas : Trippies 2013

Best Social Media // The Editors Choice

Circus Circus : The Editors Choice For Best Social Media In Las Vegas

Circus Circus

Face it, there isn't a helluva lot to work with when being charged with drumming up social media excitement for Circus Circus. But, miraculously, the team behind @circusvegas has done just that... accentuating the goofy circus atmosphere by sending social cotton candy and putting clown noses on all of their tweets. Of particular interest is their #throwbackthursday series where they dig into the archives and pull out photos from Circus Circus' 40+ year history... including creepy clowns, elephants and helicopter slot giveaways.

This win of a 'best' category springs Circus Circus from the Trippies Hall of Fame and enables it for voting in all categories next year. Congratulations!